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Why development partnerships are a lot like falling in love

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We have a new partner in our life, and we can’t wait for you to meet them. But before we introduce you, we’ve got to back up a bit to answer one of the most common questions we are asked as a non profit: How does One Girl educate girls? Or, how does One Girl actually reach and educate girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda – and how do we know we’re having an impact? There are lots of ways to answer this question, but the first thing we do is we work in partnership. One Girl as an organisation…

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Losing luggage and finding hope: my first trip to Sierra Leone & Uganda

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Stepping off the plane at 4 AM in Lungi, Sierra Leone, two things hit me immediately. First was the heat – the air is so heavy that it feels like you’re breathing through a warm, wet towel. The second thing was the emptiness – while Freetown is surrounded by large mountains, Lungi is very flat and I could see far, far into the distance without the glow of electricity to obscure the view. Travelling to Sierra Leone and Uganda for a Monitoring and Evaluation trip, I knew I was going to be busy – really busy. Our Programs Manager, Anita,…

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How to Start Your Own Community Project, Business or Non-Profit

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My stomach sank. It was another no. Another ‘no thanks’. Another ‘I appreciate the offer, but it’s not for me.’ Rejection. It’s gross. It’s uncomfortable – and when you’re trying to start anything, a business, a community project or a non-profit – it’s part of the journey. Starting One Girl meant that we were faced with an endless stream of rejections – if only I’d known at the beginning this was just one hurdle in the role of ‘starting something’, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so much time not believing in myself or thinking that I’d messed up. And rejection…

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How many cents in the dollar actually go to helping the girls you work with?

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So this is the second blog post in our #AskACharity series – and it’s a great question! And one that is often asked in a variety of different ways. How much money get’s spent on admin? Fundraising? Operations? How much of what you raise actually helps the girls? Our answer to these questions? All of it. EVERY cent of the dollar you donate goes towards helping the girls we work with – it’s just that some of it goes more directly to helping the girls than others. We know that many people get uncomfortable around admin / fundraising and operation…

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3 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Set BIG & SCARY Goals (that may make you want to pee your pants)

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“No seriously Chantelle – I thought you were delusional. Like I know you guys like to set big goals but I wondered if maybe you hadn’t done the math. Maybe you were shooting for the moon and landing in the stars. But I didn’t want to burst your bubble and tell you that educating 1 million girls by 2020 probably wouldn’t happen…” It’s 8pm and we’re sitting around a board room table. One of our newest board members (Marty) had burst into uncomfortable laughter in the middle of his board induction. “Bahahaha! I get it! I get it now! You’re…

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Working for charities and the myth of altruism

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You’re not just here “to make a difference” – and that’s OKAY! Here’s a controversial statement for you: “No one works for a charity out of the goodness of their own heart.” Does that sound outrageous to you, or do you agree? Usually the first thing people say when I tell them that I work for a charity is just how great a person I must be to be in this ‘noble’ line of work. And while the polite (and socially acceptable) thing might be to smile, look humble, and say thank you – what I REALLY want to say is, Nope….

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