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Ask a One Girl speaker to speak at your event, function, workplace, school or University group to share about our work in girls’ education and inspire your community to take action.

We have a range of speakers in our team who are experienced in speaking at schools, fundraising events, and more.


Our speakers have presented at a variety of corporate and business events. Our talks cover everything from leadership, to embracing change as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, community mobilisation, personal resilience and overcoming adversity.


We’ve had the privilege of sharing our story at a variety of Youth Groups, churches and sports clubs across Australia. Topics covered include: embracing change as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, leadership and community mobilisation, personal resilience and overcoming adversity.


Our presenters have spoken at a variety of Universities and Colleges across Australia. We can inspire young people with the possibility of making a difference and turning their passion into change. Topics include: following your passion to create the career you want, community mobilisation and becoming a leader at any age.


In an engaging and interactive presentation, our speakers can inspire young people to take action on causes they’re passionate about and be empowered to lead. Presentations can be tailored to all year levels and class sizes. Topics include: understanding disadvantage and poverty, inspiring others and becoming a leader at any age!

Our participants raved about her insightful presentation - it was visually engaging, heart warming, authentic and real. Her passion shone through, and she was easily relatable to the modern female. She showed us how easy it was to make a difference, not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of others. Thought-provoking, informative and stimulating.

Emily Wheatley, Victorian Board Member of Women in Super

We had an engaging speaker who inspired with her enthusiasm and energy. Her personal story and her substantial accomplishments generate reflection and contemplation in those that are lucky enough to see one of her presentations.

Tim Watson, Vice Principal, Lauriston Girls' School

Our students were interested in hearing about the challenges that children face around the world, and how this impacts their opportunity to learn. The students left this talk feeling inspired to take action and with a positive feeling towards the world. Their minds were opened to hearing and understanding the perspectives of others and the differences in their experiences.

Emma Taylor, Year 5 Teacher at Essendon North Primary School

She showed us, through her work, that greater fulfilment can be found in unselfish commitment to others, rather than through hollow pursuit of financial success. Her final challenge to the audience, to be better, to do more, to make a difference, left a lasting impression. People came away with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Her presentation was heart warming, thought provoking, educational and inspirational.

Dr John Reeves, Director of Intensive Care, Cabrini Hospital

It was just so inspiring. Truly a fantastic speaker. I was completely engaged in the entire presentation. She inspired us by showing how it's possible to make a change - even at our age when we feel like we can't do it just yet. Showing us other young people who have been able to make a difference to the world at such a young age was a really powerful way of doing this.

Student, Avila College, Mount Waverley

A passionate, inspiring speaker who has a unique talent for mixing her own story with the confronting facts and most importantly how to create change.

Sabina Read, Parent, Lauriston Girls' School


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