This year, we know what we want for Christmas – we want to educate 25 girls! Help us fill 25 Christmas stockings with pens, books, uniforms, and everything a girl needs to thrive in school!

We’d love your help to make this Christmas wish possible!


Georgieta lost both her parents and now lives with her Auntie and Uncle. After her Uncle wasn’t able to work, Georgieta couldn’t afford her school fees and was forced to leave school. She was out of school for a whole year before becoming a One Girl Scholar.

“Before I was thinking … my dreams would never come to pass. I’m just outcast, walking from there to another place. My life felt shattered, but now everything is OK! I can even do anything that I want to do! I feel happy when I come to school …

One Girl helped me a lot, they give me everything. I don’t need to buy anything, I don’t need to struggle. If I need books they give me books — everything!

“Many things have changed in my environment, before I was just in the house or walking around aimlessly, not going to school. But now I am going to school I have developed, everything about me has developed. I feel happy, I feel proud so much.”

—Georgieta, Sierra Leone
*Name has been changed to protect Georgieta’s identity. 








We know what an incredible difference an education can make to not just an individual girl’s life, but to the lives of her whole family and everyone in her community!

Education really is the gift that will keep on giving.

With your help, together we can give 25 girls a life-changing gift this Christmas – and we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date every step of the way as we raise enough to reach our goal!

Let’s fill 25 Christmas stockings with pens, books, uniforms and everything a girl needs to thrive in school!

All photos: Olivia Acland/One Girl