Greta and Amy: Gal pals, University students and One Girl Ambassadors

30 Nov 1999
We're firm believers in working together to achieve big goals. One Girl wouldn't be where it is today if passionate people from varied backgrounds, and with different skill sets, didn't come together and decide to work towards a common mission. And it's a value we bring to everything we do: from our core team, our volunteers, and our approach to development where we work in partnership with local organisations and communities. We know we're stronger together, and that our projects are more successful and impactful when we work collaboratively. Working together is something that comes naturally to Greta and Amy. They've been friends since high school. They’ve studied and travelled and organised lots of events together. So when they decided to apply to be One Girl Ambassadors, they applied as a team. We chatted to Amy and Greta about being One Girl Ambassadors and how they joined forces as a team: they had some great advice for anyone who thinks they might not be up to the challenge. What does being an Ambassador mean to you? Greta: Being an Ambassador is something I’m genuinely so proud of. I really believe in the work One Girl is doing and it's the first time I’ve really felt connected to a particular cause because I’ve been able to get so involved – and that’s really special. Amy: Being an Ambassador is a way to do something really meaningful alongside other motivated and like minded people. It means I can contribute to increasing awareness about female education - something that I feel very strongly about. What was your favourite part of the role? Greta: I really love working in teams so my favourite part has been meeting and working with like-minded and interesting people who bring out the best in you. Amy: Seeing our mother and daughter movie night come together was a great feeling. It was different to any other event because all the familiar faces in the crowd were there to make a difference. The underlying excitement made it a really positive atmosphere. Also, dressing George (my Insta-famous Golden Retriever) in his very own tailored dress was a perfect way to initiate interest and conversation. And people were more likely to donate to a big cuddly dog in a dress! George_blog What was the most challenging? Getting started! We had so many ideas, but we just didn’t know how or where to start. And we felt overwhelmed being just two people raising so much money ($6,000). Originally our ideas were too big. Once we scaled things down it became more manageable. We fundraised more money by having multiple smaller events. What was your Do It In A Dress challenge? We ran a mother-daughter movie night and organised a big team of friends to run 10km in the Melbourne Marathon. Running in our dresses was a great way to spark conversation about One Girl because everyone wanted to know why we were wearing them. Greta_Amy_blog What’s something unexpected that came out of the experience? It didn’t end with Do It In A Dress! There are so many opportunities to stay involved with One Girl. We’ve met some amazing people who we want to work with long-term. What are your top fundraising tips?
1. Work in a team: It is far easier to have 20 people raise $300 than 2 people raise $6000. When those people start telling their friends it just snowballs. It’s also way more fun! 2. Start small: We initially had dreams of doing big, extravagant events that would raise all the money in one go. This was so overwhelming! Choosing something small and easy like the movie night showed us we could raise a significant amount of money quickly and gave us momentum. 3. Involve all your different social circles in your fundraising activities – school, uni, work and family.
What would you tell anyone thinking of applying for the One Girl Ambassador Program? Amy: Don’t be scared. Even though you’ve got a big goal to reach, you’ll be surprised about how willing people are to support you. Greta: One of the main values One Girl has is that fear of failing should not hold you back – so if you don’t hit your target it doesn’t matter! You’ll learn from that, meet incredible people and at the same time you’ll make a difference – by simply standing up for something that matters. Teaming up with a friend makes the whole Ambassador experience a lot of fun and means you could pull ideas and social groups – and share the load. What’s next for you? Greta: I’ve signed on to be part of One Girl’s Speaker Program and am working on some exciting projects to promote the Ambassador program. It’s such a dynamic and fun organisation that is growing so quickly – so I’m looking forward everything ahead. Amy: I’m also promoting the Ambassador program, and George has agreed to wear his school dress for a second year running so keep an eye out for him around Melbourne! If you think you're up for the challenge (or your bestie is) check out the opportunity and apply to become a One Girl Ambassador today.

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