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Meet our youngest (and cutest) fundraiser ever!

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We know we’re not supposed to have favorites – but how adorable is Frankie? She had her first birthday a while back. And with a tad of help from her family, she celebrated that very special milestone by raising enough money to send three girls to school! Frankie is still a bit young to know this, but in her big extended family giving something up to help others is part of the family tradition. Frankie’s mum, Mikaela, remembers her own 8th birthday party when her mum donated the money for her cake to charity – and instead put eight candles…

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It’s up to all of us to #PressForProgress and fight for women everywhere

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“We need so much – food, clean water, doctors to help us when we are sick – but most of all we need education. If we don’t have education, we have nothing.” A little while ago I was in a refugee camp in Iraq that was the new home of thousands of Syrian families who had fled the long and brutal conflict in Syria. The camp was about 40 minutes drive from the nearest town, and was incredibly bleak. The tents were the same dusty beige as the sandy ground, and the only solid structures in the camp, the toilet…

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5 ways to make a difference this International Women’s Day

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements and progress and a day to mobilise to continue the fight for equality. It’s been exhilarating to witness the extraordinary momentum of global campaigns like #Metoo and #TimesUp where we’ve seen the world wake up, unite and demand a better deal for women. But International Women’s Day isn’t just about these massive movements and the actions of celebrities. It’s a day for all us – women and men – to celebrate the things we and our female friends, colleagues and the women who inspire us, have done and…

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We have some BIG news – meet One Girl’s new CEO!

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It might seem VERY early in the year to be making such a bold statement but no matter what else happens – 2018 has already been a huge year for One Girl. We’ve got some big news we can’t wait to share – we’ve just appointed a new CEO! If you know anything about One Girl you’ll know we’re a passionate lot. Anyone who joins the team isn’t just starting a new job – they’re joining the One Girl family. So a new CEO – well that’s a mighty big addition to the family! Building on a vision When our…

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Double the birthday, double the difference: how twins Val and Vess celebrated their birthday by giving back

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Last year talented twins Val and Vess celebrated their birthdays with a twist, some surprises, and a beautiful way of giving back through their celebration. It can be pretty tricky to hide a birthday party from your sister – especially when she’s your twin! But after 23 years of shared birthday celebrations, Val decided it was time for something different – and set out to organise a gorgeous surprise 24th party for sister Vess. These sisters are super creative – Val is a photographer and Vess is an illustrator and graphic designer – so this party was always going to…

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This week my youngest daughter starts school for the very first time

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I have two daughters, born two years apart. Depending on the mood, the moment, or the day – they can either be the best of friends, or duelling adversaries. The youngest worships her big sister, but she doesn’t always like being “the little sister”. Her older sister is bigger than her. Stronger than her. Seems smarter than her. She runs faster and climbs higher. But at some point, this difference evens out. Younger siblings eventually get their revenge. They grow. They learn. They find their own things that they’re better at. And when you’re a little sister, there’s nothing sweeter…

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Turns out we were wrong about how many girls miss out on school. Now what?

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Q: How many girls globally are out of school? A: Many more than we thought. Many millions more, in fact. Now we know the global reality – what do we do next? Imagine you had to figure out how many girls around the world are out of school. Not by typing the question into Google, but by actually working it out from scratch. Where would you start? How would you cope with the sheer size of the job? Or deal with issues of remoteness, language and cultural barriers, refugee populations on the move? Who would you ask? How would you…

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Elephants and Evaluations

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Reflections on matriarchy, fierce females, and yes – elephants – from a three-week M & E trip in Sierra Leone and Uganda from our Programs Director, Erica. Just a few weeks ago, Micaela and I returned from a Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) trip to Sierra Leone and Uganda. As the name suggests, the purpose of M & E trips is to monitor and evaluate our current programs, develop and build relationships with implementing partner organisations, and seek new opportunities to strengthen and improve upon our work in both Sierra Leone and Uganda. During our three-week trip we completed…

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