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How much of my dollar goes towards educating girls?

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Here’s a question we get asked a lot: “How much of my hard-earned money will actually help the girls and women in Africa?” People don’t always put it that way – often they ask things like: “How much money gets spent on Admin? How much on Fundraising? On Operations?” Basically they’re trying to work out if their money will actually make an impact. And that’s a question worth asking. If you’re one of our supporters, you deserve to know how your money is being used. And if you’re fundraising for us, you can be sure people will ask you these kinds…

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How we stay nimble: 3 reasons why we DON’T tie funding

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Impact is the new black. In the not-for-profit world, people want to know that their support is actually making a difference. And that’s smart. We’ve all heard too much about wasted funds, inefficient operations and less than perfect ethics, to just hand over our money and leave it up to an organisation to do their thing. Instead we want to know how our money will be used, and crucially how lives will be changed as a result of our support. We want to know: “What’s my impact?” So it’s no surprise that people sometimes ask us if they can tie…

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How many cents in the dollar actually go to helping the girls you work with?

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So this is the second blog post in our #AskACharity series – and it’s a great question! And one that is often asked in a variety of different ways. How much money get’s spent on admin? Fundraising? Operations? How much of what you raise actually helps the girls? Our answer to these questions? Every dollar you donate goes towards helping the girls we work with – it’s just that some of it goes more directly to helping the girls than others. We know that many people get uncomfortable around admin / fundraising and operation costs – and trust me, we get it….

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When you shoot for the moon, sometimes you miss.

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When Dave and I started One Girl in 2009 we were just 24 years old. It’s crazy to think that 5 years has passed so quickly. For the first three years, we worked our butts off as volunteers to get One Girl off the ground. And we made some big sacrifices. I sold my house in 2010 so I could live off that money and work full time on One Girl, while Dave attempted to set up a small business on the side to help supplement his income. We literally poured thousands of our own funds into One Girl to…

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Lucy Gray Program Manager One Girl

Our Search for New Partners in Sierra Leone

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Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and I’m One Girl’s Program Manager. I’m in Sierra Leone at the moment on some very important business – we’ve decided that now is the time for One Girl to start looking for new partner organisations. And here’s why.. Seven months ago I travelled to Freetown to help One Girl’s local team to plan ways to expand our program activities to reach out to more girls and women in Sierra Leone. Since then our Sierra Leonean team have been doing a fantastic job of delivering scholarships to get the most vulnerable girls back in…

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Secrets about Charity Administration Costs

3 secrets you’ve never been told about Charity Administration Costs

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It’s probably a question we get asked more than any other – “What are your administration costs?” And everytime we get asked that question, a fairy dies. Okay, maybe not – but it is a little frustrating. Mainly because we’ve all been misinformed when it comes to administration costs. Somehow, we’ve been led to believe that if a charity has low administration costs, it’s a sign that a charity is doing good work. Unfortunately, in most cases, the opposite is true. Here are three secrets that you’ve probably never been told about charities’ administration costs. 1. Administration costs are easily…

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