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Putting periods on the air and shining the spotlight on sanitary pads

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Menstruation isn’t likely to be a go-to conversation topic for your next dinner party. Talking about periods out in the open is just not the done thing. In big and small ways, periods are often politely kept private, or else completely prevented from entering the public view. Author and artist, Rupi Kaur, made headlines when an Instagram photo which showed menstrual blood leaking through her clothes was taken down (twice) for “violating community standards”. And yet, women and girls are finding creative ways to celebrate their periods in empowering ways, sometimes with hilarious results. But in other parts of the world,…

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What happens when women support each other?

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“When women support each other, incredible things happen.” It’s a cute saying we’d be inclined to double-tap when it comes up in our feed, especially today on International Womens’ Day. But it’s more than a ‘grammable’ quote. It’s a fundamental truth that we see play out in our work each and every day. About a year ago we learned about an amazing group of women doing just that. Supporting each other. Working together. Joining forces, and creating something truly incredible. And this is one of the women at the heart of this story. Her name is N’Mah. And she is…

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Find out what it's like to be the only female teacher in her village

Mah’s the only female teacher in her village – here’s how she’s creating change

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Last week we brought you the journey of a sanitary pad, from papyrus leaf to pad! In our blog we mentioned one of our LaunchPad champions, Mah. Mah is a seriously amazing woman, and we wanted to share more of her story. She’ll inspire the pants off of you. Mah is one of our awesome-ly vocal LaunchPad Champions in Maworr, which is our fastest selling community. Mah’s a strong female leader in her community, and she is the only female teacher at Maworr. She believes in the power of women in her community and the amazing things women can accomplish….

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Sanitary pads that are changing the world

From papyrus leaf to pad. The journey of a biodegradable sanitary pad.

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Okay, first of all – we’re not going to gross you out. I know that this can be a squeamish subject – and you might be wondering how FAR we’re going to take you on the journey of a sanitary pad. Well, I promise it’s not TOO far. When we heard that women in Sierra Leone were using items like newspaper, toilet paper, kitchen sponges and old t-shirts to manage their periods, we knew we had to do something about it. So we created LaunchPad. We’re training local women to sell biodegradable pads in their communities (we call them our LaunchPad…

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Help us get Sanitary Pads to TED2013.

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Last month, our co-founder Chantelle Baxter gave a talk about a product that is changing the lives of women and girls in Sierra Leone. That product was SANITARY PADS. This talk was held at the TED auditions in Sydney. Chantelle was chosen out of hundreds of applicants around the world, to vie for a coveted spot at TED2013 in  Longbeach California. We know that she’s got what it takes to get through, but we’d love your help in getting her there. According to UNICEF, more than one in ten school-age girls either skips school when she is menstruating or drops…

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The women have spoken. They want pads.

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We’re about to have an honest conversation menstruation. You’re going to learn about what it’s like when ‘aunty flow’ comes to visit women and girls in Sierra Leone. I know, it’s not a ‘common’ conversation, but I promise you – it’s an important one. You might be wondering why we’re having a conversation about menstruation in the first place. Well, One Girl is currently working on LaunchPad – a social enterprise that provides low cost, eco-friendly sanitary pads to women and girls in Sierra Leone. Ready? Okay.. off we go. When we first arrived in Sierra Leone, Jackie (our business…

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