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The school that took 3 years to build

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It all sounded so simple. “This school is falling down. The students need a new one. Let’s help the community build it.” We first heard about the Ronietta School’s challenges back in 2013. When the passionate Head Teacher, Mr Kargbo (below, with some of our Scholarship Girls in Ronietta), asked our in-country team to see if they could do something about the school building. It was in disrepair, with cracks appearing across the roof, walls falling down – posing danger to the students who went there. The Ronietta community had already gone to the Sierra Leone government. And appealed to other organisations. But no one…

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How do you build a new future? One brick at a time.

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Mr Kargbo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After all they’d been through – after all the horrors that they’d seen – were they going to lose the school again? Mr Kargbo is the Head Teacher at the community school in Ronietta. For him, it’s not just a job – it’s a mission. He’s on a mission to educate the children of his community, to equip them with knowledge to go out and reach their full potential. And he’d just been told the Government of Sierra Leone was planning to shut down the school – his school. He’d lost his…

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Magbfath community school

This community’s dreamt of a school for years; now it’s becoming a reality.

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The Magbfath Line community is in remote, rural Sierra Leone. For years they’ve dreamt of a new school building for their children to learn, grow and thrive in. For years this has only been something they’ve only been able to imagine, but a few weeks ago they began to see it come to life. Today we’re excited to be sharing the first project report from one of our partners, CORD-Sierra Leone about the construction of the FIRST ever school we’re building in Sierra Leone. Cue the *goosebumps*… To refresh your memories, Magbafth is one of the rural Sierra Leone communities that…

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