General FAQs

Help! I don't know what to do in my dress!

There are a million and one things to do in your dress and it's important to remember that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it in a dress!

To help you out, we've pulled together a page of resources and information here. If you're currently in lockdown and need some extra inspo, check out our ideas here. Other ways to get inspiration is to check out the hashtag #doitinadress on Instagram and Twitter to see what other people are getting up to and to share what you decide on doing. And make sure you're following us on TwitterInstagram, and like Do It In a Dress and One Girl on Facebook for even more social media goodness and ideas!

How do I fundraise?

Start out with something simple and ask your friends and family to donate to your campaign! Tell them why you’ve chosen to wear a school dress and why girls' education so important to you! Try holding some events, getting active or even just wearing your dress for everyday activities. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit and Fundraising Ideas for lots of fundraising tips and tricks to get you on your way to smashing your goal!

How can I get my local area involved?

The best way to get your local area involved is by getting out there in your school dress and sparking people’s interest. Once you’ve got some friends involved, do some everyday activities in your school dress and people will be dying to know more! If you’re ready for your photo op, contact our media team at telling us the awesome stuff you’re doing and we’ll work with you to get you into your local media!

Who is One Girl?

One Girl is the organisation that runs Do It In A Dress! We’re a non-profit organisation that believes that EVERY girl on the planet has the right to an education. No matter where she is born, how much her family earns, what religion she adheres to or what her culture says – EVERY GIRL deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and be the best she can be. We believe when you educate a girl, she can change her world.

The funds raised through Do It In A Dress fund our girl-focused programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Why girls?

We could go into a long explanation of this, but there’s a video that shows this better than we could ever describe it. When you've watched that, head over to Our Impact to learn how we're changing the world for girls.

Why Sierra Leone? Why Education?

In Sierra Leone, almost half of all female youth (15 - 24 years old) are illiterate and 3 in 5 girls don’t attend school. On top of that, up to 40% of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda are married before they’re 18.

But when a girl is educated, she’ll get married later and have fewer, healthier children. For every year she stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10 -25%. With the money she earns, she’ll invest 90% of it back into her family. An educated girl becomes an educated woman. A woman who makes sure her children will go to school, just like she did. Educating a girl improves the local economy more than any other type of investment. Read more about why educating girls is so powerful!

Can I get a One Girl speaker to visit my school/workplace/uni/community group?

Absolutely! We’d love to come out and speak with you about how you can make a difference and share some inspiring stories about our work with girls’ education – shoot an email through to and we’ll be in touch to organise this!

Is Do It In A Dress still going ahead this year?

Absolutely it is! We aren’t going to let this pandemic stand in the way of raising funds for girls’ education! While things might look a little different for those of us still in lockdown, there’s no better time to come together as a community to create positive change  and empower girls. So, we hope you’ll join us this year! 

I’m in Victoria, how can I take part in DIIAD while in lockdown?

This pandemic sucks, amiright?! The One Girl team in Australia are based in Melbourne, so we’re no strangers to lockdown — we are right here with you! 

We are determined not to let covid-19 be yet another barrier that stands in the way of girls receiving a quality education. That’s why we need to make this year’s DIIAD campaign count. There are still so many ways to get involved, even in lockdown! We have put together a list of awesome fundraising activities you can take part in from the comfort of your home (or during your daily exercise!) — check it out here!

I don’t live in Australia, can I still take part in Do It In A Dress?

Yes, absolutely! However, we won’t be able to send you a One Girl school dress, due to the significant delays the postal service is currently experiencing. 

We have created a digital toolkit which we encourage you to use instead! If you have an old school dress at home or if you find one in your local op shop, pop that on instead and attach the logos that you will find in your digital toolkit!

School Dress FAQs

How do I get my school dress?

As soon as you’ve fundraised $40 on your personal page before September 30, we'll send out your school dress and Welcome Pack, so make sure to get that first $40 up on your page as soon as you sign up (or donate to yourself!). Due to lockdown limitations, dresses will be packed up and sent out only once per week up until the end of September, so please allow up to 14 days to receive your dress. 

Due to current delays with Australia Post, we won’t be sending dresses out to fundraisers who sign up after September 30 because we can’t guarantee you’d receive your dress before the end of the campaign.

We know this really isn’t ideal, so this year to help make your campaign as successful as possible we’ve also created a bunch of digital resources you can use instead (or until your dress arrives).

Which size should I buy?

Check out our size chart. If you're planning to do something really physical in the dress, say climb Mt Everest or do backflips, then think about going a size bigger than normal.

Can I choose the colour of my dress?

In a word, no. It's so much more fun getting a surprise!

What do I do if I need to exchange my school dress?

Oh no! If your school dress isn't the right size, then send us an email at and we'll be in touch!

Where is my dress made?

Your dress is 100% ethically made in Australia!

I still have my old school dress! Can I use this instead of getting one from One Girl?

Of course you can, you sustainability superstar! We’d love you to! 

If you have your old school dress stashed at the back of the wardrobe, you can download our digital toolkit and print off some Do It In A Dress branding to attach to it. This means you can get started with your fundraising straight away, you're contributing to a more sustainable campaign AND you can use this as an opportunity to reflect on your own education and how it impacted your life! Win-win-win!

I'm part of a college team, will we recieve our dresses at the same time?

When you sign up as part of a team, someone from One Girl will get in touch with your team captain to organise sending your dresses to you in a bulk order. Due to our limited resources this year, there is a cut off date of 30th August for bulk orders, so make sure your team have all signed up and have $40 on their individual fundraising page by then! 

If someone from your team signs up after the cut off date, they will still be able to recieve a school dress — it may just take a little longer to reach them.