These legends are not only passionate about changing the world through girls' education — they've also found some pretty unique ways to spread the message and get their friends and family involved. 

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Vienna is an eighteen-year-old from Andover, New Hampshire in the United States. She loves hiking and swimming, and is taking part in Do It In a Dress as she believes all girls should feel empowered and receive an education.

She originally started her fundraising in May, as part of a capstone project for her senior year of high school and raised $2358 in only two weeks! After deferring from college due to COVID-19, she will be taking a gap year and travelling across the United States, and aims to raise $5000 before 2021. 

Vienna's top fundraising tips are to incorporate wearing your dress into everyday life, and throwing it on for your morning jog or while walking your dog - she found this to be a great conversation starter, and many people ended up asking how they could donate! 

To follow more of Vienna's adventures - including climbing up mountains and cliff divings - check out her Instagram page @onegirlvienna


David, Nat and Cam are three friends from Sydney who are passionate about taking climate action. After seeing Damon Gameau's film, 2040, and learning that educating girls is one of the top ways to fight climate change, they decided to become involved in the One Girl community and have some fun with Do It In A Dress! 

With an initial goal of $2000, the trio put the word out to family, friends and workmates, and managed to smash their fundraising target, raising just over $2500. 

They're encouraging everyone to get involved this year, as 'being able to help young women get educated and fight climate change at the same time is a double win'. 


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