Do It in a Dress

Do It In A Dress is a creative, super fun and high-impact way to raise funds for girls' access to quality education.

The process is simple – register, rally your crew, and raise funds for girls' access to quality education in Sierra Leone. Because her education changes everything.


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WHAT do I do in a dress?

Any kind of activity that you think may be a great fundraiser. Think bake sale, yoga class, hike, surf or host a school dress day! 

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WHEN is the right time to Do It In A Dress?

Registration is open all year long and the most popular months to Do it in a Dess are between August - December.  

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HOW do I fundraise?

When you register, you will make a fundraising page. This is where you send your friends, family and general supporters to pledge funds to your cause. It's super simple to use and funds are automatically processed. 

You can fundraise solo, or join your college or school team. Just note that each team needs a captain to set up this fundraising page.


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WHO can participate?

Anyone! Anyone can wear a dress and stand up for girls' education. If you don't want to wear a dress you can do something in an outfit you feel great in. You can create your own fundraising page, and then join a larger team page - this works well if you are a college group. 

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Other need to know details:

Please know that this year we will NOT be sending out dresses to participants. We ask you to re-use dresses from previous years, or perhaps you have a college dress library you can borrow from. You can also wear an old school dress you may have, or head to an op-shop to find a fun alternative. 

Got any more questions? Please reach out to us at - we're here to support you every step of the way!