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I travelled to Africa in 2012. It was the year that I reconnected with my bucket list and stopped waiting for my person to come along before I started grabbing life in a bear hug.

I went alone. There has always been something about Africa that has pulled me, but I didn't expect to be profoundly changed from being there for just a few short weeks.

I was, though.

I met with local people who were so incredibly open-hearted and welcoming, despite their daily challenges. People who shared with me their stories, their love for their land and animals, their pride in their families, their pain for their struggles. People with whom I fell in love.

People who did nothing other than be themselves to show me how much I needed a kick up the butt to be aware of my own privilege. To humbly see everything I had to be grateful for. To have my perspective shaken on what constitutes a life problem.

I came home, but a piece of my heart remains in Africa. And this year, I'm honoured to join with @onegirlorg for their #doitinadress campaign to raise funds for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda to give them the right of accessing education - something that was always an unquestioned right in my life, but many girls go without simply because of where they have been born.

We have the power to change this. Education leads to freedom.

I'm walking 13 kilometres every day in September for the 13% of girls in Uganda who are married before the age of 15, instead of being able to grow up innocently and receive education to give them the power of choice over their lives.

Anything you can donate towards educating girls of the future will make a difference. Thank you so much for your suport!

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Carey Adams

Absolutely wonderful Beck ♥️🤗


Jackie Damelian


Kate Newell

Nice one Beck ♥️


Samantha Scorer

Amazing effort Beck!


Gabriella Bauen

Beck, you rock! ☀️



Well done Rebecca! What an inspiration you are in so many ways 🙌


Jane Mcmullen

Well done, been following all the way. Such a great cause. 💖


Megan Piccardi

Go Beck! You have been so inspiring in your campaign to raise awareness for this cause. Well done x


Bekk Bassett

Go Beck!!! So inspired! ❤


Beck S

Really amazing effort Beck, especially since your ankle injury!


Denise Berger

Your strength,stamina and passion to help those in need is an inspiration Beck.



No matter what happens with your ankle you’re doing great. Keep going as best you can ❤️


Jenny Townsend

Girlfriend you’re amazing 💕xx




Fi Jones

You are totally amazing


Jude Lowery

A wonderful daily commitment and raising funds for those young girls.


Liz Milani

You keep on inspiring and empowering me to keep on going. I’m so thankful for you xo


Tahnee Brosnan

Cheering you on all the way from WA. Awesome effort, you should be so proud of your efforts!


Gabriella Bauen

Hi Beck, I travelled to Africa in 2008 in a time of personal crisis and a piece of my heart is still there waiting for my return... so glad to support onegirl!


Ali Daddo

Amazing Bec!! Keep on keeping on. So much support and love to you. xo


Margot Fielding


Raewyn Ray

Proud of you Beck


Jen Richards

Hats off Rebecca Ray!




John Kearney



A great cause Beck totally behind you. Your amazing!


Katie Silvia

You are amazing Beck! Such a great cause xx



Go Bec! You can do it!!!

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