Georgie Miller

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

I'm fundraising for girls' education, join me to make an impact

Did you know more that 130 million girls around the world are out of school? Women have a forever place in the future, I am a strong believer that all women deserve to have an education. I am looking o raise $1000, in order to do this I need your help! There are countless barriers women in places such as Sierra Leone and Uganda who would love to receive and education. I need support to help One Girl tear down these barriers for these strong women.

By supporting One Girl, you are helping provide girls with a stable education whilst also supporting stopping climate change. It is my view that girls education and climate change are closely knit. Help myself and One Girl continue this work in order to create a better future. 

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Girls Education and Climate Action

Indeed, research suggests that girls’ education can strengthen climate strategies in three ways: by empowering girls and advancing her reproductive health and rights, fostering girls’ climate leadership and pro-environmental decision-making, and developing girls’ green skills for green jobs.

- This blog was first published by USAID's ClimateLinks.


Thank you everyone who had donated so far! It has made an amazing contribution to the One Girl cause. Did you know thanks to these donations there is enough money for a girl to go to school for an ENTIRE YEAR! Thanks Peter, Margot, Larissa and Adrian and Nick and Heather for helping our worlds women receive an education. 

This article quote was truly inspiring!😇

Girls' education

"Every child has a right to learn and get a good quality education, regardless of gender, where they live or their circumstances.

Because educated girls can make informed choices from a far better range of options, educating girls saves lives and builds stronger families, communities and economies. With an education, girls will understand their rights, have a greater sense what is needed to support health and wellbeing, and they will have greater opportunities to be employed in a fulfilling way and achieve their full potential."

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