India Fergusson

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

I'm fundraising for girls' education and wellbeing

After struggling with mental health and hardships myself I have realised the importance of empowerment and self love. This realisation has been linked to my education which without it I would be very lost. In saying that, around the world 132 million girls just like me don't have an education. By supporting One Girl I hope to pass on the gift of education making them feel they have a purpose. 

Will you help me change the world one girl at a time?

I will be raising money through completing the following: 

- The city 2 surf (14k run) 

- Self-planned fundraising event 

- More to come!

Your support would be greatly appreciated xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jim Muller

Well done Indie. You are a good girl


Kayleen Fergusson

You are a wonderful caring girl Indie &we are so proud of you. Love you heaps. Oma & Jim


Chloe Sexy Gildog

So proud of you for Raising money bitch


Charlie S Scott

So proud of you ins, keep doing good things xx


Lucy Collard

Truely so proud of you Indi! Xx


Sarah James

Love from Tex xxx


Papa Ferg

Nice work Indie


Maurice Cabrera


Dianne Hawke

So proud of you Indi. X


Sam Fergusson

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