Rebecca David

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

I'm standing up for girls' education

Here's the deal: Did you know more than 130 million girls around the world are denied access to an education? Or that a girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be married before the age of 18 than she is to finish high school?

I'm proud to be a One Girl ambassador because I want every girl - no matter where she was born - to be able to choose her path in life. And I'm asking you to join the movement that is making tangible change.

One Girl works with local teams in Sierra Leone and Uganda to provide school scholarships, business training and reproductive health programs.

Money raised goes towards providing school items such as uniforms, text books, masks, hand sanitiser and hygiene products. 

It also funds One Girl programs such as 'Girls Emerge' (a vocational and leadership program, which empowers girls to find safe, valuable work and break cycles of intergenerational poverty) and 'Girl Tok' (which keeps girls engaged in education during lockdowns, providing access to smartphones and regular wellness checks).

COVID-19 compounded many of the barriers girls face in getting their education, making One Girl's work more important than ever.

Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. Investing in women and girls' futures - and ensuring they have access to reproductive health care and birth control - is also one of the most powerful solutions in tackling climate change. 

Will you help me change the world, one girl at a time?

Thank you to my Sponsors


John Trevorrow

Keep up the good work Bec. Keep making the world a better place!



Great cause Bec. Hope you reach your total:)


Elisa Pertzel

Incredible work, Bec!


Sandy Dudakov

Great cause. Well done Bec


Katherine Gokavi-whaley

Well done Bec!!


Sarah Hossli


Dimity Pinto


Crystal Mcphee

Amazing work Bec. Congratulations on your incredible achievements :)


Marcus Godinho

Good on you Bec. M x


Rebecca Dinuzzo

Love your work, Bec!! Keep fighting the good fight 👊🏻


Kealey Nutt

Bec, you are a total superhero and I’m so impressed by your talent and commitment to doing great things for the community. You’re an absolute legend.


Marnie Kane

Keep up the amazing work Bec. Fantastic cause.


Jay Harrison


Tom L

Amazing work Bec raising awareness and supporting such a worthy cause!


Jordie Nirens



So proud to support you and every Girl, one at a time.


Chantel Fathers


Jedi Jayne














Rebecca David

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