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I'm Doing It In A Dress because...

this year, more than ever, we've seen the way poverty and a lack of education affect everything - particularly our health. 

While Covid-19 has impacted all of us, both financially and personally (myself included), it's impact will continue to be disproportionately felt for decades in low-income communities. 

Living through isolation has made me feel different things at different times – I have been equally lonely, depressed and pessimistic while anxiously thinking about the future as I have been grateful, hopeful and energised by the way our communities have found new ways to connect. 

Adjusting to home-schooling, home-university, working from home, and home-socialising has been difficult for everyone. But COVID-19 has not been a 'great leveller' affecting everyone equally – it has, and will continue to disproportionately affect the lives of disadvantaged groups, particularly young women and girls living in low-income communities. 

So this year, though I know that many of you will be sick of my constant barrage of Do It In A Dress posts, and others won't be in a financial position to support me, I am going to put on that dress for another year. Not only because I want to make sure that Covid-19 doesn't become another barrier to girls accessing education, but for the purely selfish reason that I need something to feel good about right now! 

If you (like me) need to reignite your hope that the future can be a better place maybe it's time you put on a dress and join me? Or maybe you can skip that online shopping this week and donate here instead? 

This year, for every $100 donated to my Do It In A Dress campaign between now and October 11th, I will take my daily morning walk (and source of sanity) with Lola in... you guessed it! A SCHOOL DRESS.

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Jennifer Weight

Keep up the great work Bec


Daniel Highton

Great Job Bec! :D


Julie Russell

Well done Bec


Steph Fisher

Keep killing it Mama


Sarah Yandell

What a cause, what a woman xx


Pam Hallett


Lewis Sell


Janette Fennell

Great cause Bec. 👍


Mark Tierney


Christine Goodear

Well done again Bec. A very worthwhile cause.




Jane Gorman

Go Bec


Xenia Taunt-rivers

Go Bec you absolute star! Had to help get you to $500 ;)


A Johansson

Love your work bec! 🌹


Gemma Crosby

Go Bec!!


Maddie Sheedy

As always, thank you for the message you share and for persisting even through this year! xx


Kara Nathan

Amazing work yet again sis!


Kara Gibbons

Go you good thing!! Missing you and our dressy adventures. Good luck!! xx




Anne Heyes


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