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Do It In A Dress 2021

We're Doing It In A Dress because...

132 million girls around the world are denied an education, simply because they were born a girl. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. 

We're putting on a school dress to raise awareness and funds for girls' equal access education. Because when we put on a dress, we'll be helping girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda put on a school dress and take charge of their futures. 

Help us change the world through girls' education!

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Jamie Dawood

You look good in a dress gormzy


Katherine Holborow

Great cause ❤️


Dorothy Du Vergier


Will Pamment

Love this!


Dorothy Du Vergier

Hope you reach your target. A really good cause.


Janine Gorman

Great cause


Ben Gorman


Hannah Ml

A good cause, well done!


Nicole Holborow

What a great cause 💕




Eric Choi

yesss now




Wayne Holborow


James Holborow


Ali Hathaway

Well done Ben 👏🏻👏🏻


Joy Yang

It is such an amazing idea‼️




Tyler Scott

Im proud of all you do ❤



You look cute in red x



You’d rock a lavender coloured dress




Max Temple

Awesome 😍


Melissa Holborow


Maria Maratos

Empowering women through education gets my vote. Well done !🥰


Jose Berens

Well done ben!


Michael Pritchard

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