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Every girl on the planet has the right to an education and to grow and learn in a safe environment.

November 2018 // Melbourne based not-for-profit, One Girl, welcomes the Australian Government’s intention to remove all children from Nauru by Christmas, yet they urge the government to publish confirmation that these children and their families will be resettled in Australia or another suitable country that welcomes them.

Christmas is still a long way away. Alongside many Australian organisations, One Girls stands with #KidsOffNauru in demanding that children and their families be resettled in Australia by Universal Children’s Day on Tuesday 20th November.

The fact remains that some children on Nauru are in their fifth year of detention, and as an organisation that advocates for the rights of girls everywhere, One Girl calls on both sides of Parliament to resettle the remaining children on Nauru immediately, because locking up children is never the answer.

One Girl believes that every girl on the planet has the right to an education and to grow and learn in a safe environment.

“At One Girl, we have seen the huge opportunities that come with an education, and girls who are part of our Scholarship program have told us how being able to go to a safe school and access a quality education has changed their lives and given them hope for the future.” says One Girl CEO, Sarah Ireland.

“We believe that children everywhere should have the opportunity to be children, to go to school and be given every chance to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.”

For more more information or to request an interview, contact One Girl Communications Director, Méabh Friel on 03 9913 4818 or at

About One Girl:
One Girl is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting girls without access to education in two of the worst places in the world to be born a girl: Uganda and Sierra Leone. One Girl raises funds and awareness through national campaigns like Do It In A Dress to provide thousands of girls and young women with access to education.

Since 2009, One Girl has worked with well-established local organisations to reach more than 32,000 women and girls with access to high-quality education programs.

About Do It In A Dress
Do It In A Dress is an annual fundraising campaign organised by Australian not-for-profit, One Girl.

Do It In A Dress is about putting on a school dress, having some fun, and standing up for every girl’s right to an education. Through this campaign, participants raise money to support One Girl’s education programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda. To date, Do It In A Dress has successfully raised over $2.8 million dollars, which has helped changed the lives of girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda.