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Our speakers have presented at a variety of corporate and business events. Our talks cover everything from leadership to the importance of self-determination, from community mobilisation to personal resilience and overcoming adversity.


Our presenters have spoken at a variety of Universities groups and Colleges across Australia. We aim to inspire young people with the possibility of making a difference and turning their passion into change. Topics include: following your passion to create the career you want, community mobilisation and becoming a leader at any age.


In an engaging and interactive presentation, our speakers can inspire young people to take action on causes they’re passionate about and be empowered to lead. Presentations can be tailored to all year levels and class sizes. Topics include: understanding disadvantage and poverty, inspiring others and becoming a leader at any age!


We’ve had the privilege of sharing our story at a variety of Youth Groups, churches and sports clubs across Australia. Topics covered include the importance of open conversations, being an advocacy leader, community mobilisation and personal resilience