2017: A YEAR

Here’s how we reached over 11,640 girls and women
through our education projects in 2017.

Thank you for being part of One Girl’s mission in 2017. Through your generosity, your passion and most importantly, your actions – we were able to transform the lives of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda through education.


Through our four girl-focused education initiatives, we address some of the most prevalent barriers that keep girls from accessing education. These initiatives are Scholarships, Business Brains, LaunchPad and School Awesomisation. By enabling girls and women to access educational opportunities, we are helping create strong, empowered leaders who will create long-term, sustainable change in their families and communities.


Our Scholarships program enables some of the most vulnerable girls in the communities we work in to go back to school, so they can learn, grow, and be the best they can be.

Here are some of the highlights of 2017


Every year we are blown away by what our Scholarship girls achieve academically. Every single one of our scholars has spent time out of school – some up to three or four years out of the classroom! But through dedication and the ongoing support of teachers, fellow Scholars, and our Sierra Leone staff, many of them go on to receive incredible academic results! In 2017: 21 Class 6 (final year of primary school) girls have progressed to their first year of high school 31 Scholars completed their final year exams; six achieving scores to enter University (the highest number in One Girl history!) 53 new girls were given Scholarships; 40 in JSS (Junior Secondary School) and 13 in SSS (Senior Secondary School)


In 2017 we put a focus on actively engaging with the communities where our scholars live and attend school. After all, our scholars don’t live in a vacuum – and some of the barriers to education they face are at the community level, so the community’s support and involvement is vital for the success of the program! Over the course of the year, eight Community Dialogue Meetings (CDMs) brought together a total of 200 members from ten communities where our programs run. During these meetings, committees were formed made up of scholarship girls, other young people in the community, school authorities, parents, and other influential community leaders. Together, the committees have agreed to find solutions to the challenges of educating girls at a community level, working closely with our Sierra Leone staff and our program partners. We’re excited to see them tackle the issues facing girls’ education at a community level!


Our Alumni program was created as more of our scholarship girls began to graduate from high school, with the aim of establishing more pathways for their future success, and create the space for them to work towards shared goals. Over 2017 it developed further, being driven by the Alumni themselves, as they elected their own National and Regional Executives to lead them. The Alumni members opened a bank account and started a soap business to begin earning profits which they could invest back into the group to fund their activities. With the support of our Sierra Leone team, the members also have access to volunteer and internship positions for their career development.)