First it was Ebola, and now this. What should a girl do when her whole life is washed away?

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A couple of weeks ago I had one of those experiences that changes your whole perspective on the world. It was a Wednesday night, and Lauren and I were hosting a call with some of our scholarship girls in Sierra Leone, and our Project Officer, Emmanuel (the calls are something we offer to our Founding Members of Graduation) – We wanted to hear a direct update from them about how being back in school has impacted their life and how every day life was going after the Ebola outbreak had calmed down. We’ve hosted a call like this once before, and it…

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3 Powerful Storytelling Lessons that every Non-Profit and Small Business Should Know.

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“We believe that well told stories can change the world.” And that was it. With a single line, I was hooked. After meeting Patrick Moreau from Stillmotion at a Storytelling With Heart workshop last year, I knew that we’d found something special. As a non-profit organization, we’re well aware that powerful stories can change everything. Since we’re in the business of selling a ‘vision’ and a possibility of a new future, we need to be experts at storytelling. We don’t have a tangible product to sell. You give to us because you believe in what we do and you want…

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Snotty, teary, and heartbroken: thoughts from Uganda

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Hey guys, it’s Chantelle here. For the past two weeks I’ve been in Kampala, Uganda. I’ve been scoping out potential partners to work with in bringing One Girl’s work to Uganda, and also meeting some of our potential new scholars. Listening to their stories, hearing about their challenges, and the insane things they’ve gone through. And I am completely and utterly heartbroken. I’m sitting here in my room, crying my eyes out. I have snot dripping down my face. My face is a swollen mess. And I haven’t slept properly in days. This is not the glamorous side of our…

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Do It In A Dress and educate a girl in Africa

What if the clothes you wore could change a life?

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It’s time to dust off those dresses. We’ve launched Do It In A Dress for 2015 and and we want you to get ready to change thousands of lives this October! But before you do anything, watch this video. It’s our best campaign video yet and we’re so ridiculously excited to share it with the world…. Now if that doesn’t inspire you to get your dress on, we don’t know what will! 66 million girls around the world don’t have access to education, simply because they were born a girl. Because they were born into poverty, or a culture or…

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DGR feature

Who knew 3 little letters could bring so much happiness?

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We didn’t think it was possible for three TEENY TINY letters to make us SO happy. But they have.  It’s been a long time coming. And we can barely contain our excitement in sharing this with you now… Just a few weeks ago we got a letter from Mr Tax Man in the mail that we hope is going to be a game changer for us. Now usually letters from the ATO don’t lead a great deal of joy, happiness or spontaneous partying, but in this case did. In a BIG WAY. Remember this cute little GIF-filled blog we wrote about…

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How to Start Your Own Community Project, Business or Non-Profit

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My stomach sank. It was another no. Another ‘no thanks’. Another ‘I appreciate the offer, but it’s not for me.’ Rejection. It’s gross. It’s uncomfortable – and when you’re trying to start anything, a business, a community project or a non-profit – it’s part of the journey. Starting One Girl meant that we were faced with an endless stream of rejections – if only I’d known at the beginning this was just one hurdle in the role of ‘starting something’, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so much time not believing in myself or thinking that I’d messed up. And rejection…

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