How 10 days in Sierra Leone nearly broke me

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For the past month I haven’t been able to do my job. I’m not sure if I should be saying this out loud since my boss is totally reading this right now (Hi, Chantelle!)… but it’s true. It’s been over a month since I got back from a trip to Sierra Leone, where I was sent to collect stories of our projects, take photos, and bring back lots of inspiration for our team and you, our incredible community of supporters. It was 100% a life-changing experience. And I don’t say that lightly. The experience completely and utterly, changed so many…

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Last year this decision changed my life… Now it’s your turn

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I’ve always wanted to change the world. If there was some kind of Changemakers Anonymous meeting that existed, I’d be there. Every week. “Hi, my name is Sharni, and I want to make a difference”.  Equipped with a strong sense of justice, I can’t remember a time where I wanted to do anything else with my life. But the path before me wasn’t clear – How can I change the world? What contribution can I make? Where do I start? What can I do? After high school I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies (because that’s what people do, right?) and…

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We’re Looking for a New CEO – Could it be You?

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. It’s Chantelle here. We’ve got some big, exciting and important news to share. And to get straight into it – after a considerable amount of deliberation, I’ve decided that over the next 6 months I’ll be stepping away as the CEO of One Girl. Given how much you all know that I live and breathe One Girl, we want to share with you a bit of background as to why – and as you’ll see, I’m still going to be living and breathing what we do, but just in a different way….

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Today I sent my daughter to school for the first time

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My five year old daughter started school for the very first time today. She’s really excited. I’m really excited for her. To be honest, I think she’s more excited about wearing her school shoes than anything else, but you can’t blame her. Who doesn’t love new shoes? It’s the start of a new chapter in her life. So far, her experience of the world has been mostly through us. Her little family – mum, dad and her little sis. Now, a big new world opens up for her. She’ll start experiencing things without me, dad or little sister in tow….

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Meet the girl who took on Everest to educate girls

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We are constantly inspired by our incredible community. Every day you blow us away with your passion, your creativity, and your enthusiasm. And the lengths (and heights!) you’ll go to in order to educate girls.  While most of us were vegging out, nursing food comas, or just generally eating, drinking and merry-making over the festive season, Georgia was taking on something epic. She was trekking to Everest Base Camp and she was doing it to educate girls. Starting with a goal of raising $900 to educate 3 girls – Georgia was immediately overwhelmed with the support she got. As the…

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