What it means to be a girl

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Today is International Day of the Girl, and what better day than today to reflect on what it means to be a girl. It’s the perfect day to think about gender, equality, and opportunity – and how it all fits into what what we do at One Girl. Growing up as the youngest and only girl in my family, with two older brothers, I was never made to feel inadequate or incapable of doing and becoming whatever I desired. In fact, when I was little all I wanted to do was EVERYTHING my brothers did. Gender did not define who…

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It’s back to school for these girls!

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Something very special happened in Sierra Leone last week. For 300 girls, it was a moment they’d been looking forward to for months, and for some, maybe even years… they started a new school year! Sierra Leone runs on a September – June academic year, so for the past two months our in-country Programs Coordinator, Emmanuel (who you met in our previous blog) and his team have been flat out. If you’ve ever had to get 1-2 kids back to school you’ll know how much running around that can take. So imagine getting 300 girls ready! And this year things were…

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Meet our miracle man on the ground: Emmanuel

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Even before I had met him, I had heard a lot about One Girls Program Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Emmanuel Kamara. This is the man behind lots of the work that makes our programs tick. He coordinates our LaunchPad program, the Scholarship program, as well as liaising with the team in the Business Brains program; you could say he is our trail-blazer working on the ground in Sierra Leone. He does the big things and the small things. He co-ordinates hundreds of scholars, our LaunchPad Champions, visits communities, builds up relationships with parents and schools and community leaders, personally delivers our scholars’ materials (like…

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We have a new CEO!

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We have some massive news to share with you! You might remember, our search for our new CEO started off with a heartfelt call from our team, asking you to send great people our way… Which you all liked, shared and commented on in a frenzy! The response to our call? Was nothing short of staggering. We received a HUGE number of applications. And the applicants? Were humbling to say the least. We had hoped and dreamed that inspired and experienced people would want to work with us, and the reality of seeing the high-calibre of applicants was mind-blowing. It…

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The school that took 3 years to build

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It all sounded so simple. “This school is falling down. The students need a new one. Let’s help the community build it.” We first heard about the Ronietta School’s challenges back in 2013. When the passionate Head Teacher, Mr Kargbo (below, with some of our Scholarship Girls in Ronietta), asked our in-country team to see if they could do something about the school building. It was in disrepair, with cracks appearing across the roof, walls falling down – posing danger to the students who went there. The Ronietta community had already gone to the Sierra Leone government. And appealed to other organisations. But no one…

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Finding your purpose and your tribe in unexpected places

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I’ve got my story and it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I have dealt with stuff in my world – sexual assault, eating disorder, abuse and am now raising my children on my own. No matter what I have been through, I never felt like I didn’t have the power of choice. I can change my situation and I have access to support systems and education that gives me the power to heal and grow regardless of what cards I am dealt. It isn’t always easy, but its damn possible. I was one of those kids that grew up always…

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