How a humble radio is helping to educate girls in Sierra Leone despite Ebola

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Right now in every district across Sierra Leone there are hundreds of empty classrooms. Rows upon rows of tables and chairs accumulating dust. Countless books and pens lying around, just waiting to be used. The Ebola outbreak has had a huge impact on the education system in Sierra Leone. A Government shut down of the schools has been in place since July 2014 to try and stop the spread of the virus, so for now teachers and students are staying at home. So what happens to the students in Sierra Leone, forced to stay home without access to school? How…

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10 Inspiring Women to light up your Insta feed!

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What’s your Instagram feed filled with? If it’s anything like mine it’s filled with endless photos of food, beautiful sunsets (hashtag #nofilter), and a never ending stream of selfies. But despite this, I love my Instagram – I’m addicted to the scroll, and when an amazing photo does come up on my feed, you bet I’m gonna double-tap that. But what if Instagram could be used for more than just capturing your #latteart? A few weeks ago Ollie from The House of Riot asked if we would be part of a fun exercise, to fill Instagram up with images of…

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Bye, Dave!

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It’s hard to believe it’s actually here. Dave’s last day in the One Girl office… and it’s time to say goodbye *sniffs*. There are SO many things we could say about you Dave, and so many thank yous, acknowledgements, high-fives, and feelings to hug out. But we thought we’d leave you with messages from the incredible One Girl family you’ve helped to create, nurture and lead for these past 5 years. We’re going to miss having you in the office so much! And we wish you nothing but the best as you move onto your next exciting, epic venture. Thank…

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75% of Ebola cases are female: want to know why?

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Hey guys, my name is Saúl, I’m part of the One Girl online media team and have been working on media coverage for all your awesome Do It In a Dress adventures! My background is in journalism with specific training in human rights and gender studies, so you can imagine just how psyched I was to come on board the One Girl team, a chance to write uplifting stories about the transformative nature of education for girls? It couldn’t be more up my alley! I’m going to bring you up to speed with the Ebola crisis currently sweeping through Sierra Leone and…

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Celebrate International Day of the Girl with us!

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Next week, on October 11, the world will mark another International Day of the Girl. We exist because we believe that EVERY girl on the planet has the right to an education. We believe in investing in girls – in their futures, in their education, in their dreams. So, International Day of the Girl is an important day for us. It’s a chance to put the issues and challenges that girls around the world face, in the spotlight. It’s an opportunity for us to amplify conversations about girls’ education and empowerment. And it’s a day to take action.  It’s a day to reflect…

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Dave's got some big news..

I’ve got some big news

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Hi guys, Dave here. I’ve got some big news to announce. You should probably sit down for this one, or if you’re on the tram, brace yourself! Here it goes… After co-founding One Girl five years ago I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on from my role as co-CEO. This is possibly the biggest AND hardest decision I’ve made in my life. You could say it has definitely come with a range of emotions. But the feeling I love the most is how proud I am… How UNBELIEVEBLY proud I am. Like all great things, they usually start…

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