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About Our Work_One Girl

We know first hand that girls are powerful!

Here at One Girl, we help break down financial, cultural & social barriers young women and girls face when accessing education. We support girls to own their power through education and skill development to become the next generation of leaders.

We are always working towards our mission to make sure girls and young women have:


Access to quality education in and out of the classroom


Power, space and resources to safely speak up and create change


Community support in changing the harmful attitudes and behaviours that hold girls back

One Girl_Our Work

To reach these outcomes, One Girl:

Provides Financial Support

Poverty is a major barrier to girls’ access to education,and not having the essentials means girls cannot go to school. We ensure that every One Girl scholar has everything they need to access an education. They are gifted school uniforms, shoes, text books, pens and a backpack at the beginning of the school year. They are given a solar light so they can do their homework after dark. Scholars are also provided with sanitary pads and lunch money.

Builds Life Skills

It's not just what you learn in school that counts. Once a month, scholars connect in a safe space to build confidence, and learn about topics that help break down harmful social norms.  Experts and local leaders alike facilitate sessions on topics  such as sexual reproductive health rights, why having your period isn’t shameful, how to navigate the internet safely and how to get smart with financial literacy. They learn how to dream big to achieve their goals!

Gives Social Support

All of our scholars are supported by our amazing field officers. More like role models or a cool aunt, our expert field officers work closely with the girls, their families, schools and communities to make sure they have everything they need to be in school. They ensure that care is always there, and that girls don’t have to break down difficult barriers alone.

Works with Schools

The team in Sierra Leone also works with teachers, making sure that every scholar has a support teacher who is there to keep an eye out for them, and offer them a helping hand when they need it. No girl goes at this alone.

Our Impact

Dive into the details of how your support helps One Girl to make some pretty incredible impact.

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