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10 Years of Do It In A Dress: Looking ba...

Wednesday, 8th Sep 21

First up, a MASSIVE thank you to the amazing One Girl community for sticking by us and doing all the things, in a dress, to raise money for our girls’ education and vocational training programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Ten years of impact also bring with them ten years of learnings, reflections, milestones and ah-ha moments...

Safeguarding women and girls’ sexual a...

Monday, 30th Aug 21

The ability to realize sexual and reproductive health & rights is critical for the health and well-being of all women. The COVID-19 pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in social, political and economic systems which are in turn amplifying the impacts of the pandemic. This Policy Brief by ARUWE makes evidence-based recommendations fo all actors to work together to safeguard women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health & rights during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Happy Workplace Giving Month!

Monday, 7th Jun 21

Happy workplace giving month! We're here to tell you about workplace giving and how you get involved today.

Why we are joining the global call to en...

Friday, 28th May 21

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 is calling for ‘more action and investment in menstrual health and hygiene now!’. Let us tell you why this is important... We know from our work that period stigma and period poverty keeps girls from going to school. In many parts of the world, sanitary products are expensive and difficult to access for those who menstruate. This leads to what is known as period poverty.