WE DID IT! Another wonderful year of Do It In A Dress

08 Nov 2021

Another wonderful year of Do It In A Dress is done and dusted

Big claps, high fives, hugs and all the good vibes to every single legend out there who wore a dress, participated in an event, generously donated, gave some love on socials and supported Do It In A Dress! You all rock, and have done some incredible work to help support girls’ equal access to education. Yay! 

Here’s a quick little wrap up of the 2021 Do It In A Dress campaign, so far: 

  • A whopping total of $200,209 has been raised since the launch of the campaign on September 8th
  • From a super generous pool of 1,048 fundraisers!
  • This means that we can now support 667 girls to access safe, quality education in Sierra Leone – for a whole year

This year we saw flying, abseiling, diving, surfing, frisbee comps, running, arts and crafts – you name it, we got tagged in it on the ‘gram. It was such a delight to watch this year’s fundraising unfold, with legends all over the world wearing a dress and shouting from the rooftops about the importance of girls’ education. 

We are so grateful to all of the fundraising superstars out there that joined us to make this year an absolute hit! 

A quick shout out to some of the DIIAD legends out there 

Because you’ve all spent the past few months celebrating girls, One Girl and our programs; we thought it was time to celebrate YOU a little! So here’s a small round up of some of the DIIAD superstars that rocked a dress and stepped out into the world to make it a better, fairer place for girls and women. 

MEET MERIN. Merin is a third year law student from regional Queensland – and a total DIIAD legend!   

“I have done DIIAD since 2019 and have always really enjoyed it, so thought I would continue again this year. Growing up regionally, I’m very passionate about accessible education. I know so many strong female leaders who have helped me get through school, which is why I want to give girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda the same opportunity.”

This year Merin rocked her dress playing soccer, riding her bike, baking, at the gym and even climbing Mount Tabletop in Toowoomba! And the best part – Merin absolutely smashed her fundraising goal of $600 – raising an incredible $1,300! 

“Supporting One Girl means giving other girls the opportunity to have strong women mentor them too and learn more about themselves. I feel so lucky to have strong female teachers who taught me all throughout high school and I think it’s really important for young girls to have an education but also see female leadership in the classroom.”

Thanks so much for all of your support Merin! 

SAY HEY TO PHOEBE. Phoebe is a superstar year 10 student from Victoria, a DIIAD legend and a 2021 One Girl Ambassador! 

 Phoebe took her fundraising to a whole new level, hosting a super successful online event – the ‘One Girl Virtual Sleepover’. Her classmates joined her to watch their favourite girl power movie, Legally Blonde, and raised a whopping $400!

“I have been so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have such an education that One Girl has taught me to never take it for granted. I believe One Girl was the reason I have actually become such a driven and "busy" person at school in general because it made me see just how lucky I am to be able to take each and every one of these school opportunities and grow from them. Therefore, I think it's only fitting that I try and help those girls who don't have these options or even the chance to simply learn.”

 You’re amazing Phoebe, and we are so grateful for all your hard work this year! 

And here’s Sarah and her rad crew at Smiths Hill High. Sarah is a super talented year 12 student at Smith’s Hill High School in Wollongong, who successfully organised an epic Do It In A Dress fundraiser at her school in April. 

Teachers and students alike joined in an epic game of frisbee, there were arts and crafts, food and a whole lot of vibes. And they raised an incredible $20,000!! 

The day was such a hit, that Sarah was interviewed by a local news crew, and their event was featured in the Illawarra Mercury!

“Education is such a basic right but is denied to so many girls, for simply having been born a girl. However, it is also one of the simplest ways a woman can break the cycle of poverty, improve her health outcomes, and educate her own children. So, One Girl doesn’t just help individual girls, but has an impact that lasts generations. No woman is free until all women, everywhere, are free. No woman is equal until all women are equal.”

Too right, Sarah! We’re so glad you joined us this year – thanks so much for all of your amazing support!


Here’s to another brilliant year of community fundraising in a dress, supporting girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda to be their very best selves. 

We are absolutely changing the world, together, one girl at a time. 

Thank you for being a part of #DoItInADress.

We love you!