Partner Highlight: Talent Nation

17 Nov 2022

Talent Nation is Australia’s leading executive search and recruitment agency, and they are on a mission to accelerate impact through recruitment services. As specialists in areas such as sustainability, environment, ESG, sustainable and responsible finance, and climate and energy solutions, Talent Nation are pioneering the space where sustainability and business meet.

With 10 years of experience behind them, Talent Nation is also an exemplar of sustainability in business with a BCorp certification and their own sustainability pillars driving their work: Positive Environmental Impact, Positive Social Impact, and Business as a Force for Good. Their conscious philosophy, along with their friendly team, delivers positive talent outcomes for their clients, the community, and the planet.

Talent Nation has been a proud One Girl Partner for 5 years, and counting! Their continued support has allowed us to further the impact of our girl-led programs, and also provided solar lamps for our One Girl scholars, allowing them to study in the evenings when there is often no power. 

Here are a few notes from Talent Nation Directors, Richard Evans, and Nathan Kelly, about their experience as a One Girl Partner; 

What is most important to you at Talent Nation?

“Creating Positive Environmental Impact, Positive Social Impact, and using Business as a Force for Good. We believe that every individual is a change-maker who can have a real impact on the world around them. Every role we work on makes the world a better place, so we are fortunate to be able to do what we do well (recruitment) and as a result, positively influence people and the planet”

What motivated you to partner with One Girl and support girls' education? 

“In February 2018 Richard and Nathan were fortunate enough to see Paul Hawken present on Project Drawdown, which outlines the top 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming. During this presentation, it was highlighted that when combining 2 of the top 10 solutions; the total atmospheric CO2 reduction that could result from empowering and educating women and girls made this the number one solution to reversing global warming. Given the alignment and passion of our values for gender equality, education, climate change, and social justice, One Girl was an obvious choice to select as our impact partner.”

What opportunities are you excited about as you continue your partnership with One Girl? 

“We have been together for 5 years and the continued collaboration of our partnership means we can be excited about opportunities that don’t currently exist, so watch this space! As change makers, we are excited about the impact and generational change we are enabling for young girls we will never meet or who will know of Talent Nation. We are excited about playing our role to shine a light on the new One Girl programs in the Pacific region.”

One Girl CEO, Dr. Chrisanta Muli, recently sat down with Talent Nation Managing Director, Richard Evans, for a Q&A about all things partnership, climate change and girls' education. Click the link below to watch the video: 

Q&A: Talent Nation Founder Richard Evans and One Girl CEO Dr Chrisanta Muli