Partner Highlight: Tsuno

31 Jan 2023

Tsuno is One Girl’s longest standing Proud Partner. Shell-shocked by the realities of menstruation for women in poverty around the world, Roz Campbell founded the social-enterprise in order to create a positive change. Today, Tsuno offers sustainable menstrual hygiene products that are safe from nasty chemicals and plastic. Tsuno donates an amazing 50% of their profits to One Girl, as well as donating products to other organisations helping those in need. 

One Girl’s partnership with Tsuno has been integral to the positive impact on the lives of the girls and women in our programs. Roz is incredibly passionate about supporting girls and women around the world through education and positive menstrual experiences. Moving into it’s seventh year of partnership, One Girl had a chat with Roz to dive deep into what makes this partnership so special and full of impact; 

What is most important to you at Tsuno?

“The ability to help fund One Girl's programs by running a business in an area I am passionate about is definitely one of the most important things I get from my work at Tsuno! Being creative and independent whilst making an impact in the world is very special for me.”

What motivated you to partner with One Girl and support girls' education? 

The beginning of my journey getting interested in period products, menstrual health, girls' education and equality actually started after attending a presentation at university by One Girl's co-founder. Her speech opened my eyes to the link between periods being one of the barriers to education and also made me feel like I could just have a go and see what might happen, it was incredibly motivating. I became a One Girl ambassador and learnt more about the specific work you do at One Girl, and it really helped influence the design concept for Tsuno. I wanted to create a business for personal reasons, but it felt very natural that I support One Girl at the same time. I'm very glad to have grown my business alongside One Girl for almost 8 years now.

What opportunities are you excited about as you continue your partnership with One Girl? 

I'm excited to be working on a new product design, this is my main focus for the year ahead, and what that might mean for the business and the partnership with One Girl when I get it into the market! I'm also looking forward to growing Tsuno's business customer base. Recently there has been a swell of interest from businesses wanting to support their menstruating staff by making period products available in their staff bathrooms, with many reaching out to Tsuno as the product of choice. I believe they see the benefits of not only providing their staff with high quality natural and organic products, but also with the added bonus that 50% of Tsuno's profits are donated to One Girl supporting girls education, climate change mitigation efforts, and gender equality all at the same time."