5 reasons you should buy a Gift That Doesn’t Suck this year

By December 17, 2014Blog

For our International friends – and any last minute orders – we can email you a digital version of the card up until 24 Dec. We’ve got your back.


Guys, we’re less than a week out from Christmas. Is anyone else panicking? Haven’t started your shopping yet? Hate holiday shopping crowds? Freaking out about what to get your loved ones, BBFs, distant rellos, office KKs, or your friends-that-have-everything?

Us too!

But don’t worry. We’ve got your covered with Gifts That Don’t Suck! We guarantee these gifts won’t be returned, re-gifted, or require batteries. 0% crap, 100% awesome – we promise!


Here are 5 Reasons why you should buy a Gift That Doesn’t Suck this year…

1. Every year we spend over $700 million on UNWANTED Gifts.

Think of all the crappy gifts you got over the years. Did they end up in the bin? Or maybe gathering dust in your cupboard? Now imagine that money was spent on something AWESOME instead. Like a school bag for a girl in Sierra Leone, or a Pile of Bricks to build a new classroom? So. Much. Better.

2. Holiday shopping is the worst. THE WORST.

From spending 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot, to dealing with insane queues for the checkout, and the predictably terrible Christmas carols playing on repeat the whole time, the entire experience is a bit of a nightmare really. So don’t do it! Stay home and smash out your silly season with a few clicks on our Gifts That Don’t Suck store – and win at life!


3. Where else are you going to find a cute Christmas card that has Sanitary Pads on it?


We checked.

So grab yours here!

4. Your gift gives, then gives, and gives and gives!

When you buy a card from our Gifts That Don’t Suck range, or any of the other rocking products we’re stocking, including Words With Heart stationery, awesome Tsuno Sanitary Pads, rad feminist shirts from House of Riot, and stunning Lois Hazel jewellery, proceeds will go towards funding our girls’ education projects across Africa.

And we know when a girl is educated, she can change her world. She’ll go on to earn more money, marry later, have a smaller and healthier family, and pass on her education to her children. So the gift you give today, will have ripple effects for generations. Can’t say the same for those socks you were *going* to buy for your Dad, can you?


5. Warm and fuzzies for errbody!

Because that’s what this season’s all about, right? Warm and Fuzzies are guaranteed for you AND the person who gets your awesome gift – so get shopping!

Grab your gift


Our beautiful Gifts That Don’t Suck cards were created by our design guru Rainie, and these stunning shots were styled and photographed by two of our favourite people (and style icons!) Rainie & Jenny – the creative forces behind My Vicious Darling. 

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