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Spoil your mum with a gift that changes lives

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Who hasn’t found themselves running around at the last minute trying to find a ‘meaning’ Mother’s Day gift? It’s no fun. You know she’ll love whatever you give her because you gave it to her – but it can all feel so commercial. Yet, it’s hard to beat the feeling of giving someone special a gift they really love, so what do you do?

Luckily, we have a solution. This Mother’s Day, we’ve done the hard work for you and stocked up our range of gorgeous Gifts That Don’t Suck in the One Girl Shop, handpicked to make the perfect gift for your awesome mum!

They’ve all been sourced from businesses run by passionate people who make ethics and sustainably an absolute priority. So you can give your mum a gift that’s beautifully designed, useful AND ethical – and at the same time support these fantastic businesses and our work in Uganda and Sierra Leone. Now that’s a gift with impact!

There’s something fitting about giving Mother’s Day gifts that help to support and empower some of the world’s most vulnerable daughters. So enjoy reading the stories behind theses new products – we think you’ll be inspired. And check out the full range of Gifts For Mums here.

KeepCups & Chai – a winning combo!

Over 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year. That’s a LOT of landfill. Not to mention the resources that go into making those cups! Even the lovely organic paper ones can contain a not-so-eco-friendly plastic lining that makes them unrecyclable. And then there’s the lids.

KeepCups are the perfect solution! After just 15 uses, you’ve saved enough resources by not using disposable cups to cover the KeepCup’s production – and from there on you’re making an impact. Cafes love them and some even offer a discount to the rapidly growing number of customers who use reusable cups.

You can choose from a range of colours and sizes, including the very gorgeous glass ones. They’re the favourites in the One Girl office. And for Mother’s Day we’re doing limited edition One Girl KeepCup & Chai Gift Packs with our Original and Glass KeepCups, including one of our favourite Chai blends from Chai Mamma, and a beautiful Mother’s Day card. Go on, spoil your Mum. She deserves it!

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Ethically made, sustainably sourced (and beautiful) jewellery? Yes please!

It’s easy to see the influence of nature in the beautiful pieces created by Woodfolk designer Julia Denes. The harmony of the colours, textures and materials she uses is also extended to the respectful way the pieces are created. We love that Woodfolk works in collaboration with artisans in Nepal to create many of their pieces and their packaging. By creating fair-trade partnerships with small family businesses and women-focused organisations Woodfolk is also supporting the skills of traditional craftsmanship.




We’ve started out with a complementary range of ceramic necklaces and earrings, all designed and made in Australia by Julie. They’re all beautiful pieces and ones we would happily add to our own collections – but we reckon your mum would love them too! Check them out here.


Sweet, sweet stationery

Who doesn’t love beautiful stationery? Ideas always seem more insightful and creative when they’re written somewhere special. But these notebooks are more than just beautiful to use.


When Words With Heart founder, Lauren Shuttleworth set out to create a new range of stationery she was building ‘a brand for people that want to create a better world’. She made her vision real by combining environmentally responsible production, funding to education projects for women and girl, and empowering words.


Everything is made here in Australia using 100% recycled paper, vegetable based inks, solar power, and no harsh printing chemicals. Check them out here.

The perfect tote (no, really).

There are a lot of very cute tote bags out there, so we knew we had to come up with something just right to win your hearts. The right size – big but not too big, the right weight – sturdy but soft, ethically produced, and carrying a message you’d be proud to share. We reckon we’ve hit the sweet spot with these ones. They’re perfect for Mums on the go! Get them here.



Our wonderful supplier, AS Color, makes a whole range of beautifully designed, quality products and they take social responsibility very seriously. They handpick factories that provide safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions and are certified Child Labor Free. You can read about their social responsibility commitment here.

Every one of these gifts is beautiful in it’s own right AND changes the lives of the girls we support. That’s a pretty nice thing to give a mum on Mother’s Day!

Check out the full range of Gifts For Mum.

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