What this 11 year old boy did for the girls in Sierra Leone will inspire you

11 year old boy makes a difference for charity

Meet Chet, he’s only 11 but he’s one of our most passionate and inspiring supporters.

Chet’s in Year 5 at St Kilda Park Primary and this year he wore a school dress to school for two weeks! We thought that was pretty remarkable in itself, but Chet also managed to convince six of his friends to frock up as well and raise money for Do It In A Dress!!

Do It In A Dress

Chet even convinced three of his male teachers to rock dresses too, on the condition that the boys met their fundraising target. They boys absolutely smashed it, raising over $2000 in two weeks – so their teachers Matt, Tim, and Joe turned up to school in dresses too!

Altogether the boys raised over $2,200 over the two weeks – which is enough to give 7 girls in Sierra Leone access to education – amazing!

And if you didn’t think Chet wasn’t enough of a legend, this isn’t the first time he’s been a part of Do It In A Dress – Chet and his friends rocked their dress last year too when he was just 10 years old and in Grade 4, raising $2,100.

Do It In A Dress

Dave was so excited to meet the boys and while speaking at their school assembly a couple of weeks ago he was presented with this seriously adorable novelty-sized giant check!

chet blog 3

Dave was so inspired by what these guys could achieve at such a young age, and we love how passionate they are about this cause. It takes a lot of guts to rock a dress as a guy (as Dave will testify) – but it takes even more courage in Year 5!

Thanks so much to Chet and the boys: Max, Nicholas, Isaac, Declan, Josh and Morgan, and their teachers Matt, Tim and Joe for being so supportive and busting out their dresses too!

chet blog 1

Chet’s setting an inspiring example by proving you can have a BIG impact no matter how old you are, and when you throw passion and fun into the mix – anything is possible! We love your work Chet and the rest of the boys too – and we can’t wait to see what you achieve next!


  • Robert says:

    Hello, I am attempting to donate money to support Felix at St Kilda Primary for his do it in a dress week.

    Would you please send me a link or provide navigation on how to accomplish this on your website?

    Thank you, Robert

    • Larissa Ocampo says:

      Hi Robert,

      I’ve tried to find Felix’ fundraising page at http://www.doitinadress.com but wasn’t able to do so – perhaps the students are collecting donations in cash instead and will be putting it through as a single donation? Do you know if there is a parent or teacher coordinating their efforts, might be best to get in touch with them!

      Otherwise you are welcome to donate to the campaign in general at http://www.doitinadress.com 🙂



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