How far will one man go to give his daughters something he never had?


Watch A Father’s Fight.

When you become a Member of Graduation, you’ll be joining the fight to keep girls like Musisi’s daughters in school. We know there are countless others who are just as desperate to get an education.

And that’s where you come in. Your monthly contributions to Graduation will help give girls like Sandra, Sharon, and Esther, scholarships to stay in school until their Graduation day.

$25 a month can educate one girl. $50 a month can educate two girls.

It doesn’t take much.

For so many girls, going to school seems like an impossible dream. But we can help make that a reality. Become a Member of Graduation.


As as a Member of Graduation you’ll receive…


VIP calls with the girls

Exclusive access to VIP Supporters calls to connect with some of our scholarship girls that you’re helping to support in Sierra Leone and Uganda.


Membership Pack

A membership pack, including the stories of some of the scholarship girls being supporting through Graduation.


Regular updates

Keep up to date with the latest stories of some of our scholarship girls and how education is transforming their lives, their families and their communities.

The longer a girl is educated, the greater the benefits.
Graduation can support girls through their final years of high school.


Girls with 8 years of education are
4 times less likely to be married as children.


For every year a girl stays in school, her income will increase by at least 10-20%


Each extra year of a mother’s education reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5% to 10%


Educated mothers pass on their education and are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.

What does your Graduation contribution fund?

By joining Graduation, you’ll be funding girls’ education projects across Africa that are changing lives.

Educating girls has a multiplier effect. It empowers them to break the cycle of poverty – transforming not only their life, but their family, community and nation.

Graduation Icons

Our scholarship girls are given everything they need to go to school – school fees, books, bags, uniforms, stationery kits, sanitary pads, (so they never have to skip school because of their period) exam fees, and more! You name it, we provide it.

Funds will also be used for School Awesomisation – so the girls can learn in safe classrooms, and use girl-friendly toilets. As well as Business Brains training, so girls can learn what it takes to start a small business to support themselves and their families, keeping them in school longer, and setting them up for life after they graduate.

So, will you join us?