We all want to know that we’re making a difference.

You can make a difference by joining one of our campaigns, or creating your own project or event that raises funds and awareness for girls’ education.

Get Active for Girls

Show the world how badass running #LikeAGirl can be, and fundraise to educate girls at the same time! You can buy your own Run #LikeAGirl singlet here, then set up a fundraising page and hit the ground running!

Do It In A Dress

Wear a school dress for the 130 million girls around the world who can’t. Whether you do something crazy, or something normal, when you Do It In A Dress you can educate a girl!

Give Up Your Presents

Whether it’s your birthday, your wedding, or Christmas – we all get presents we don’t want (or need). Turn your next special occasion into an opportunity to change a girl’s life through education.

Create Your Own Project

Get creative! Is there something you’ve always wanted to tick off your bucketlist? A project you’ve always wanted to start? Harness your skills and passion and turn it into a way to fundraise for girls’ education