Sneha Srikanth

One Girl Ambassadors 2021

I'm fundraising for girls' education

Did you know that 130 million girls around the world are out of school? Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. Not only that, but getting more girls in school will have a positive impact on climate change! A win-win-win.

This year I'm proud to be a One Girl Ambassador! I'm supporting One Girl by raising awareness and raising funds for girls' education. 

Will you help me change the world one girl at a time?

My Updates

First Fundraiser and 1/4 through the goal!

I've been fundraising for only 2 days and we've already raised $556 dollars! One of my favourite things that One Girl focuses on is decreasing the taboo of periods and menstrual hygiene. 

"No girl should skip school just because she gets her period! But heaps still do.

That's why we educate EVERYONE about about menstrual hygiene — so girls know what to do when they get their period and their community understands it’s a completely natural part of life (and nothing to be ashamed of!). We also aim to improve attitudes towards water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and make sure girls have access to affordable sanitary products" 

I'd like to extend a special thank you to Serri, Greta, Lydia, my mum and brother for helping get to this point and on that note I wanted to discuss my first fundraiser! 

Starting things easy before I jump into any big challenges and events - what better way to start fundraising for girls education than studying 🙈

So join me at my YouTube ‘Sneha Srikanth’ (profile pic is my face haha) at 6PM AEDT on Saturday the 20th March (this Saturday!) for a 3 hour study session. One of the reasons I chose to support One Girl was because they centre education which I believe is the most powerful force on the planet. My second year of uni thus far has been quite difficult and this is a way for me to reclaim my productivity and share a gift that I have been so privileged to receive with other girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda :))

I will be running 3 more 3 hour study sessions on top of this in the next week on the following dates

Tuesday 23rd March 7PM AEDT
Wednesday 24th March 7PM AEDT
Friday 26th March 1pm AEDT

It might just end up being me in the livestream because I know I don’t have the biggest audience ever haha but either way I hope one or two of you will join me to get on with our goals. The link to my fundraiser will be in the description of each live. Hope to see some of you there! So grateful to anyone who has supported me so far 💚😊

Changing the world one girl at a time 💫 

Watch this video for a full breakdown of the fundraiser:

My wonderful mother

So my mum just donated $260 dollars :,) how crazy. My mum has always been my biggest supporter when it comes to getting a quality education, she is the reason why I have felt so empowered through my life and took the step into aeronautical engineering. Wouldn't be anywhere without her constant support and now thanks to her generosity with this donation I get to share that love of education with so many more people :) 

Still can't believe how supportive my friends and family are, I'm gonna have to to come up with some cool ideas to thank you all for this. $478 dollars gives one girl access to education for an entire year + one year business training for a young woman + 5 pairs of school shoes for one girl scholars AND a year's supply of sanitary pads. 

Thank you!

Thank you so much to Zoe Soo, Chloe Hickson, Casey Van Elk and an anonymous donor who have already helped me on the journey to change girls lives and I haven't even started fundraising yet! Together you have helped raise $171 dollars which will directly be going to scholarships for the girls (which include payments for uniform, textbooks, lunch, stationary amongst many other things!), menstrual hygiene management education, education in business and life skills and more. $171 dollars covers the fees for almost 7 months of support for a girls education :))
I will be sharing info on my first fundraiser very soon once I get ideas ironed out properly but we're off to a very strong start. I've attached a photo of a very happy Sneha haha, thank you all again and never underestimate your ability to change the world x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dani Schroeder

You are doing awesome work on Instagram and beyond, Sneha!


Caitlin Hargraves

So proud of you girl. Thank you for inspiring us all ❤️


Ayah Mackenzie

happy birthday beautiful soul. I’m v proud to be your friend 🤍🤍🤍



Happy birthday!!! I’ve been meaning to donate forever and I guess now is the perfect time haha. I hope you have a great day and I love you very much xxx


Hannah Mccarthy

Omgd you’re nearly at your goal😱 So proud!


Thatha Patti

Wonderful Sneha



Good luck Sneha !!



Great cause Sneha !!


Thata And Pappi

Very proud of your work. Education is so important for everyone.


Krish S

Yee . Good cause



Best wishes Prabhakar Your dad’s classmate from Dallas United States



Good luck


Jessica Riordan



I LOVE YOU AND THIS INITIATIVE SNEHA!! SO so proud of my best friend, keep being the torchbearer for girls' rights and steminism as you always have been 💞💞 Never before has calling you my inspiration been more true than now 🥰 Of course, the end goal is to remove all barriers to education that women face around the world, and every little bit of help goes a long ways so keep us posted with everything you and OneGirl work on 🙌🏼




Srikanth Venkat



Go snehaaa To the stars🚀✨



I love the work you are doing! It is super inspirational! Good luck and wish you all the best with one girl xx


Greta Xoxo

Proud of you babe


Pranav Srikanth

Way to go Sis


Radha Srikanth

You are a champion in championing for the education of girls. Well deserved cause and wish you all the best and your project to succeed.


Lydia Fagan

Keep on doing incredible things!


Diya Suri

You are amazing!! Can’t wait to see all the cool things you do In the future :)


Chloe Hickson





You know me, you love me (hopefully) good luck!


Zoe S

So proud and excited to see you take on this role as ambassador! I love that you have such a passion and heart for others, and I can't wait to see you achieve your goal - make sure to keep us updated haha! You are amazing!


Sneha Srikanth

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