Become a One Girl Ambassador

Become A One Girl Ambassador

Passionate about the power of girls' education? Want to be a part of making the world a more equal place? Simply woke up this morning and wanted to make a difference? Well friend, we think you need to join the One Girl Ambassador Club!

Become a One Girl Ambassador and stand up for Girls' education! 

What is being a One Girl Ambassador all about?

At its core, being a One Girl Ambassador is about being a passionate person who believes that access to education is a human right. Being an Ambassador means you are motivated to advocate for girls' education and fundraise to support One Girl’s mission.

Ambassadors come from all corners of the world - everyone no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality are ALL WELCOME. This club is inclusive and diverse and we celebrate this always. 

When you join the One Girl Ambassador Club you will go on a digital journey to learn new skills, hear from One Girl scholars and be supported to put on some fabulous fundraisers.

Join solo, with a friend, school or university group, or with the whole neighbourhood! The more the merrier in the Ambassador Club, so register today, and help us change the world.