General FAQs

Who is One Girl?

One Girl is the organisation that runs Do It In A Dress! We’re a non-profit organisation that believes that EVERY girl on the planet has the right to an education. No matter where she is born, how much her family earns, what religion she adheres to or what her culture says – EVERY GIRL deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and be the best she can be. We believe when you educate a girl, she can change her world.

The funds raised through Do It In A Dress fund our girl-focused programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Why girls?

We could go into a long explanation of this, but there’s a video that shows this better than we could ever describe it. When you've watched that, head over to Our Impact to learn how we're changing the world for girls.

Why Education?

In Sierra Leone, almost half of all female youth (15 - 24 years old) are illiterate and 3 in 5 girls don’t attend school. On top of that, up to 40% of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda are married before they’re 18.

But when a girl is educated, she’ll get married later and have fewer, healthier children. For every year she stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10 -25%. With the money she earns, she’ll invest 90% of it back into her family. An educated girl becomes an educated woman. A woman who makes sure her children will go to school, just like she did. Educating a girl improves the local economy more than any other type of investment. Read more about why educating girls is so powerful!

How does girls' education tackle climate change? 

Educating girls is one of the most powerful solutions in addressing climate change, an issue that is currently facing our entire world.

Why? Because an educated girl has a better understanding of her own sexual and reproductive health, and she will be more politically, socially and economically empowered. When she is educated, she is more likely to make sustainable decisions on behalf of her family, and if she chooses to have them, she will have fewer and healthier children. Pretty awesome by-products of going to school, right? Read more about how investing in girls and women can become one of the most effective solutions to climate change.

When can I sign up for Do It In A Dress? 

The main sign up period of Do It In A Dress is in August, where we pack up all your dress orders and get them sent off to you before the campaign officially kicks off in September 8th and runs until October 11th. One of our biggest days in the campaign is October 11th - International Day of the Girl – when a lot of people choose to host their Do It In A Dress events. However, if you, your school, college or workplace would like to take part in Do It In A Dress at another time of the year, you are more than welcome to! You can sign up here

How long does the campaign run for? 

The 2021 Do It In A Dress campaign officially runs for one month, from September 8th (International Day of Literacy) to October 11th (International Day of the Girl), but you can take part at other times during the year if this period doesn't suit you. 

Can I get a One Girl speaker to visit my school/workplace/uni/community group?

Absolutely! We’d love to come out and speak with you about how you can make a difference and share some inspiring stories about our work with girls’ education – shoot an email through to and we’ll be in touch to organise this!

I don’t live in Australia, can I still take part in Do It In A Dress?

Yes, absolutely! We love seeing our friends across the world taking part in the campaign! In order to get a dress sent over from One Girl, you will need to fundraise (or donate to yourself) $60AUD on your fundraising page, as this will help cover the cost of the dress and international postage.

In 2020 we had some incredible overseas participants. In Boston, Massachusetts, we had sisters Val and Ani participate in Do It In A Dress by wearing their dresses whilst selling handmade masks and together they raised over $3000!

We also had another fellow American, Vienna, wear her school dress whilst travelling across the United States, blogging her entire journey and sharing photos of her and her friend in their dresses at major landmarks, also raising over $3000. 

Let’s get the world in a dress!

How do I create a team? 

When you are signing up to Do It In A Dress there's a 'create a team' button on the right hand side - click, fill out the details and voila, you've created a team! Don't forget to share the team link with anyone who you think would like to be a part of your team. 

How do I join a team? 

When you are signing up for Do It In A Dress, search for the team you want to join, and click 'join this team' on their page! Make sure not to start a duplicate of the team you want to join. 

Help! I don't know what to do in my dress!

There are a million and one things to do in your dress and it's important to remember that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it in a dress!

To help you out, we've pulled together a page of resources and information here. Other ways to get inspiration is to check out the hashtag #DoItInADress on Instagram and Twitter to see what other people are getting up to. And make sure you're following us on Twitter and Instagram, and like Do It In A Dress and One Girl on Facebook for even more media goodness and ideas! 

Here are just a few ideas that some of our amazing Do It In A Dress participants have done in their dresses:

  • Surfing
  • Baking 
  • Tennis 
  • Wearing a dress everyday for a month
  • A teacher wearing their dress to class 
  • Skydiving

One of our Do It In A Dress fundraisers for 2020, Alex, wore a dress for an entire month during the lockdown, when she went for walks, visited the supermarket and attended her virtual school classes. Alex was also a One Girl Ambassador for 2020, to find out more about our Ambassador program click here

School Dress FAQs

How do I receive my school dress?

As soon as you’ve fundraised $40 on your personal page, we'll send out your school dress and Welcome Pack, so make sure to get that first $40 up on your personal fundraising page as soon as you sign up (why not donate it to yourself!).

Which size should I buy?

Check out our size chart. If you're planning to do something really physical in the dress, say climb Mt Everest or do backflips, then think about going a size bigger than normal.

Where are your dresses made? Are they produced ethically? 

The school dresses One Girl provides for the campaign (after you have $40 on your page!) are produced by a company based in Melbourne, Australia called APlus Schoolwear which is run by parent company AGS Prints Pty Ltd. AGS Prints are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia for all garments made in Australia - which these dresses are!

Help! I do not need my One Girl school dress anymore, is there any way I can donate or recycle it? 

Of course! If you don’t think you’ll participate in DIIAD again, you can send your used dress back to us at: 

One Girl

PO Box 1420

Collingwood, VIC, 3066

Thank you for being a sustainability legend and for allowing your dress to have another life

I still have my old school dress! Can I use this instead of getting one from One Girl?

Of course you can, you sustainability superstar. 

If you have your old school dress stashed at the back of the wardrobe, you can access our fundraising toolkit and print off the Do It In A Dress bib, and attach it to your dress. This means you can get started with your fundraising straight away, you're contributing to a more sustainable campaign AND you can use this as an opportunity to reflect on your own education and how it impacted your life. Win-win-win!

What are the best washing instructions for my dress? 

Make sure to hand or gentle wash dress with washing machine on a low temperature setting. Do not soak or bleach the dress. Do not tumble dry the dress, just drip dry the dress inside out. 

Donation FAQs

How much of the money I donate actually gets to the girls I want to help educate?/How is the money spent?

All funds donated by our generous supporters are spent on keeping our amazing girl-led education programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda up and running. They pay for things like school books, uniforms, solar lights, and transport for scholars and program participants. They pay for training for future teachers, affordable sanitary items, menstrual health and hygiene classes, lessons on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and vocational training for girls. They go towards paying staff to keep the programs running and continuously improving, and allow us to run fundraising drives so that we can actually collect donations in the first place to make it all happen — so I suppose the answer to your question is ‘all of it’!  

If you’re interested in reading more about how we allocate funds, all of our financial reports with all the relevant breakdowns are available on our website. Or you can go directly to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) to find One Girl’s published audited accounts

Can donations be made in cash or do they have to be online?

We only accept online donations through the website. If you collect cash donations, simply count up the cash amount and deposit it into your own bank account. Then, make a donation to your fundraising page online and it gets added to your fundraising total - BOOM!

If a school, organisation, or business can only donate via cheque or bank transfer, get in touch with the team at to get the details for making those donations!

I donated to my friend but it hasn’t appeared on their page! Help!

Don’t stress! You probably clicked the donate button in the menu rather than on the page. Send an email to and one of the team members will help you out. We will just need your name, your donation amount and the name of the friend you meant to donate to and we can allocate the donation correctly.

Is my donation to One Girl/Do It In A Dress tax deductible?

One Girl has Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status. This means all donations over $2 made to One Girl and Do It In A Dress are 100% tax deductible within Australia. A tax receipt will automatically be sent out when you donate - but if you don’t receive anything please get in touch by contacting us at

Still got some questions? 

No worries! We are always down to chat and are here to provide you with as much information as you need! 

Feel free to hit us up via email, at