Fundraising Ideas, Tips & Tricks

It's time to get creative! Fundraising isn't always the easiest task, so we've gathered a list of super fun ideas we've seen over the years of Do It In A Dress to help get you inspired and ready to rock it this year!

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Put your sneakers on friends, cos it's time to test your fitness – and fundraise at the same time! Here's a few groovy ways you can do just that. 

  • Sign yourself up to an event – think marathons, triathalons, fun-runs, walkathons – you name it! Get your friends and fam to sponser you, set yourself some personal goals and GO FOR IT! Whether you win or lose, you will have done something pretty cool, and helped raise life changing funds at the same time. 
  • Opt for a DIY challenge – less stress, and maybe more fun? Challenge yourself to run 2km a day, 5km a week etc or get some friends involved and collectively run the length of a marathon between you! 
  • Challenge yourself to do something you might never have done before. Wanna learn to be an acrobat? Give it a go. Wanna skate that bowl? Now's your chance to learn! 
  • The classic steps-per-day challenge is still a pretty good one! Because honestly, 10,000 steps a day can actually be kind of hard sometimes, especially if you have a computer job or are studying or in school. Make it simple by walking places instead of driving or cathcing public transport. Jump off the train/bus/tram a few stops earlier and get in a few extra steps, easy peasy. Got a call scheduled with you boss or long lost mate? Walk and chat. Walk the talk, fundraising friends!

TOP TIP! You can connect your Strava app to your fundraising page, so your supporters can follow your running journey! Simply login to your fundraising page, click 'Edit My Page' then under 'Update Your Blog' click 'Add an Update' and connect your Strava map!


Gather your people and don your Quiz Master hat! There is an abundance of trivia online, so pick your fave (we are partial to a little Friends trivia at One Girl HQ) and get quizzing! Prizes? Great idea. Themes and costumes? Excellent. Tuesday night quiz night? YES! 

TOP TIP! Why not throw in some questions about Sierra Leone and Uganda, where One Girl programs? Get in touch with us at and we can give you a hand with some questions!


A classic bake-off is always a good idea! Teach yourself this very tasty skill, compete against your mates or have a bake sale! Host a picnic in the park with your baked goods, share with your neighbours or takeover the snack table at work. Your friends and co-workers will be stoked, we promise 

TOP TIP! Make sure you take a photo for the 'gram and tag us @onegirlorg so we can see your delicious creations!


We KNOW you've a got a skill you're burning to share with the world! And it's about time you taught your crew what you know. Charge people to attend, grab donations from attendees or seek out someone willing to sponser the whole thing! And if we learnt anything during COVID-19 lockdowns, it's that teaching and learning online actually works! If you want to spread your reach across borders and even timezones, run your class online. 

So, what skills do you have? Here's some inspo.

  • Teach a yoga or meditation class. 
  • Art classes – paint, draw, sketch – we know there's some super creative folk hiding out there! 
  • Can you cook? Teach your pals and then eat delicious food together. 
  • Teach a dance class, because who doesn't wanna be a in dance group! 
  • Got some cool technical skills? People love learning useful skills, like video editing, social media, Photoshop etc. 
  • Sew, knit, crochet – let's all make our own handmade wardrobes, because, #fashun. 

We know there's excellently talented people among us, so why not share some skills, learn something rad and raise some money for girls' education! 

TOP TIP! If you host your class via Facebook Live, you can then share the video to your fundraising page for your other supporters to see. Simply login to your fundraising page, click 'Edit My Page' then under 'Update Your Blog' click 'Add an Update' and connect your Facebook Live video!


Keep these nuggets of gold in mind when using social media to reach an audience, raise awareness and funds.

  1. Add your fundraising URL toyour social media bio, so your followers can easily access your page (and donate!). 
  2. Get in touch with your inner circle and ask them to share your page/event/post to reach a broader audience. Honestly this make such a difference, give it go!
  3. Get your hands on our fundraising toolkit – it's packed full of ready-made assets for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Share, share, share! 


Who better to recruit for your team – than your work mates!

  • Make a Do It In A Dress team with your team and fundraise together!
  • Host a work lunch, incorporate wearing a dress into your team bonding day, organise trivia – the list is endless! 
  • Good old raffle tickets – they work a treat! Get some prizes, ask for a donation and sell, sell, sell!  

TOP TIP! Make sure you get management on board for the most success. If you've got your boss backing you, fundraising becomes so much easier and you'll have so many more opportunities!


If you're at school or uni, then you have the BIGGEST resource of fundraising mates to join you – right at your fingertips! Rally your classmates to join your team, get involved in your chosen activities and smash your fundraising target! Some super fun school fundraising ideas are: 

  • Casual clothes day, an oldie but a goodie!
  • Tecaher vs. students sports day/or activities. Make sure you choose an activity or sport that lots of people can participate in. 
  • Host a lunchtime talk or lecture to raise awareness on education issues and fundraise for DIIAD. 

If you'e in uni, the following activities are proven goodies too: 

  • Events like pub crawls, trivianights, dinners and sports competitions all work as great fundraisers. 
  • It's a great idea to organise in conjunction with an on-campus club, so they can help you drum up a crowd! Check out your uni’s student union website for details of clubs, events, contacts, resources - and any restrictions you need to know about before you start planning your event.

TOP TIP! The more the merrier – so make sure whatever activity or event you choose, you're creating space for as many people as possible to get involved. 


No matter what you do, we know you'll smash it!

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