Your Do It In A Dress Fundraising to-do list 


Pick your challenge 
What are you going to do in a dress? Whether it’s running, baking, skydiving – the options are endless!


Set your fundraising target.
Aim high or start small! With every dollar raised, we are one step closer to helping educate girls.


Launch your page.
Your campaign headquarters are waiting for you – make sure you set up your fundraising page telling everyone why you're doing it in a dress!


Spread the word.
Share your story and a photo of you in your school dress! Make sure you tag @onegirlorg and #doitinadress to share your successes!


Power up!
Pair up with a pal and double up in power! Recruit your family and friends to get the ball rolling.


Create change!
It’s time to show the world what you’re made of! Do your challenge in a dress and educate girls.

Fundraising Toolkit

We've created a super handy toolkit packed full of creative assets, to help you with your fundraising! In this kit, you will find: 

  • Social tiles and banners images to use when promoting your Do It In A Dress fundraiser on your favourite social channels
  • Downloadable 'bibs' to attach to an old school dress if you'd prefer to use one that you already own
  • A selection of PDF statement posters 
  • Some details on sharing your very own fundraising photography with us

Fundraising Ideas

Need some help to get started with your fundraising? No dramas! We consider ourselves experts in the fundraising department, so we have compiled a list of tried and tested activities that we can guarantee are both fun and effective. We encourage you to be creative, utilise any cool skills you may have – and get your friends and family involved! Because, the more the merrier!