I Don't Want A Present 

 Make your next birthday even more special by changing lives for girls and young women around the world. 

So, you don't want a present this year?! You've come to the right place!

Whether it’s your birthday, wedding, graduation, baby shower, or Christmas – we often get presents we don’t want (or need). And these days, we've got no more room in our lives (or literally on the planet) for more waste! 

Instead of receiving that scented candle from a distant relative at Christmas, or that set of socks your mum gets you every year for your birthday, it’s time to stand up and say ‘I DON’T WANT A PRESENT’! Ask your friends and family to donate instead to One Girl on your behalf, and help break down the barriers girls face in accessing an education. 

Turn your next special occasion into an opportunity to change a girl’s life through education. It's the greatest gift of all!

Why would I take part?

Every year we receive gifts that we either don’t use or a gift we end up throwing out – only for it to contribute to landfill. Whether it be the wrapping paper the gift was given to you in, or the excessive plastic packaging, there are SO many issues related to unwanted gifts and the negative effects it can have on the environment.

Signing up to I Don’t Want A Present can reduce the need and demand for brand new products, whilst positively impacting a girl's access to education – which in turn has a HUGE impact on climate change. Read all about education and climate change here!

It also makes gift giving soooo much easier for your friends and family. Seriously, they will be the ones thanking you for doing this (buying presents can be so hard!) as it's taking the stress out of picking the right (or often wrong) gift. 

Get your friends involved!

Get your friends involved so they can feel good whilst giving through donating the money they would have spent on a gift for your birthday, wedding, Christmas or engagement party.

They too can have a lasting impact that ripples throughout the community of a girl because education can change everything.

Send out a link before the big day whether it be your upcoming birthday and tell them that you don’t want a present this time, if they follow the simple steps to donate they can give a gift that can change a girl’s life and you can get what you truly want!

What are you waiting for? Sign up below and create your fundraising page!