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Do It In A Dress 2019

I'm walking 84km non stop to...

Send girls to school in Sierra Leone and Uganda. I’m currently training to walk 84km without stopping in October, to raise money for the 84% of girls in Sierra Leona who don’t finish high school.

Girls education in developing countries is something I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on before joining One Girl. Since learning more, I have found a real passion for empowering girls and standing up for their rights. It is something I am still learning about and there is a lot more to learn! But I seriously appreciate your support on the journey.

$1000 is enough to send three girls to school. I am committing to sending 6 girls to school, a big goal but one I hope can happen. 

Education has the power to completely transform lives and give girls the life they deserve. THANK-YOU for your help ❤️

My Achievements

Reached 100% of your fundraising target! A+ effort!

Joined Do It In A Dress 2019 ... and we're off!

Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 – that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

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Joanne Forte

So proud of you Cara, a great cause that you are very passionate about and is dear to your heart. Such an amazing achievement . love Dad & Mum



Fantastic work Cara xxxxx


Hannah Jackson



Emily La

Congrats on everything you've done! So inspiring and than you for all your compassion and hard work - love you!!


Lukas Anagnostou

Good job Cara, proud of you :)


Rachel Kee

Absolutely inspiring! Keep it up love :)


Nicholas And Katharine

Amazing job and an even better cause! Well done


Anna Papas


Aime Weffer


Radhika Singh


David Beaumont



Keep going girl! You're smashing through this 💪 So proud ❤


Nicola Bail

So proud of you cara, you’re doing so much for such a good cause


Gabriella Forte

Love you xx




Ruby Loosli

Sorry I haven't donated earlier, you're a fkn queen for doing this!! Best of luck for tomorrow 🔥🔥


Jenny Harry

Well done Cara on your caring , commitment & compassion- I know you’ll do amazingly on Saturday!! Good luck gorgeous girl xxx


Toepaz Dance Studio

Congratulations Cara on this already amazing achievement! Goodluck on Saturday! All of Toepaz is proud of you xx


Chrissy Lagos

You’re amazing, go get girl xxx


Cindy Huang

Good luck and well done!!


Zoe Luby

You continue to amaze me - go girl! X


The Mouer's - Cash Donation


Shweta Rastogi

Great effort Cara! You are so inspiring.


Barb & Gary

Congratulations on choosing to support this great cause. Best wishes for your walk and successfully achieving your goals. GO CARA! 😘


Andrew Barbazza


Abbey Jordanov

Amazing work Cara! Xx


Leeann Purcell

Good on you for making a difference.


Jess Purcell

You’re amazing chicka keep up the good work ! Xx


Katey Van Der Sterren

Go get it cara 🙌



You go girl 💗 so proud xx


Micheal Poon

Go Cara


Alyce Oates

Proud of you x


John Calati

Go Cara.


Eric Tang

Good luck Cara!!! You are going to smash it!


Enrico Marrone

Good luck Cara. It will be a fantastic achievement


Paul Choi

Well done Cara. You are so amazing!


Gen Trinh

Awesome work


Natalie Pantou

Sending all my love and support 💖


Georgia Mccracken

You are so amazing, you have such drive to make a difference and more people should have the passion you do. You’re incredible Cara


Tea Malek

So inspiring Cara!! Well done girl xxx


Alice Wain

Well done Cara <3 you’re killing it!



Keep changing the world, love you


Kelsey Crennan

All my love and support!! ❤️


Rochelle Defranceschi

Goodluck gal! You’re going to kill it! Admire your strength and kindness!


Emily Leydin

So proud of you and all the goodness you bring into the world each and every day. Love you CC! Xx


Tom Adamek

Love you XX


Aaron, Paola, Noah And Oliver

Good luck Cara!!


Naomi And Family

Sending you so much love and strength, you’re amazing and you’ve got this!


Georgia Margaux

This is wonderful Cara! You’re such a lovely and inspiring person, good luck!!


Jess Grigg

Such an amazing thing you’re doing!! Good luck for October 26th


Lian Lu


Ella Austin

Amazing Cara!


Bella Walker

You’re such an inspiration, so proud of you ❤️


Nicole Spence

Proud of you! xxx


William Delany

so proud of you superstar


Chris Forte

Go Cara... From Mum and Dad


Zach Madrid

Awesome work :) xx


Madison Forte

(Got it to $400 raised woo) so proud of you!! You’re a true inspiration and I admire your determination and dedication xxxx



Well done legend, heart of gold


Bevan Guest

Keep slaying



So so proud of you! 😘


Bhavini Chhanabhai

so proud of you!



So proud of you for making a positive difference to other peoples lives. xx





Good luck! Amazing cause so can't wait to watch you succeed :)

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