By Mikayla Branch-Spence

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling... like donating my birthday again! I'm 22 on the 26th of September and I'm donating my birthday to raise money for the education of women in need. Everyone deserves an education and the opportunities that we have been privileged to have, so every bit helps, no matter how small. Education of women and girls is also one of the top factors in tackling climate change, so by helping to give those in need an education and working towards gender equality, you're also doing your bit for climate change and the environment, too. And helping me kick off my 22nd year in the best way possible! 
Any donations are greatly appreciated. Last year we hit $705, so I'm hoping to hit at least $500 this year.
Big love to everyone!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sarah .


Nick Nick




Happy Birthday :)



Woot you beaut 💕🎉



Happy birthday beautiful xxxx


Emily Gange-holloway

To the greatest gal doing the greatest thing x


Wai Keat Cheong

You done good Mikayla for a great cause 😊



Stay hydrated


Stephanie Atwa


Kate Facey

Happy happy birthday you lovely lady. Thanks for all that you do for this world. You make it a better place, and I am eternally grateful to know you and love you x


Kristina Tsalikis

Go girl xx 😘


Vinnie Truong

Happy birthday dood! This is a great way to celebrate turning 22. Sending you well wishes. Vinnie :-)


Soraya Canedo

Yaaas queen 🍑


Sarita Mistry

Good work girl


Steve M

Happy birthday old girl


Aoife+imacus Ling

Happy Birthday Mikayla


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Happy Bday Mikayla...


Stas Mantzis


Olivia Hrouda

Happy birthday to you


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Bec Macd

happy happy!


Geoff Foord


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Happy birthday chick!!!



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