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Do It In A Dress 2021


130 million girls around the world are out of school. Educating girls not only changes the lives of those girls, but also their families, communities and countries. Not only that, but getting more girls in school will have a positive impact on climate change! A win-win-win.

You can make a real difference for girls and their families by donating to our campaign or creating your own fundraiser to support One Girl programs!

Whether you're the sporty type or the creative type, the social butterfly or the lone adventurer (or all of the above!), there is an option for everyone. No matter what your fundraising target, your efforts will help girls and young women harness the power of education to change their lives and the lives of everyone around them. Just use this link to help us as a team achieve our target.

When making a donation, we would love to hear about inspirational women in your lives. If you are happy to share, please dedicate your donation to your chosen person and a sentence explaining why. Let’s shine the spotlight on these amazing women and make a change through helping girls’ education!

Thank you to our Sponsors



Such a wonderful cause.



For my mum and sister



Hoping this helps other woman to be just as inspiring and kick ass my my 2x sisters :)


Elyse Cossutta

For the ladies who have shaped my life. My mum, my sisters, My MIL, all my work family :)


Rhiannon Heritage

To all the women that constantly inspire and motivate me within this company, we are #TheWomenOfSamsung


Jenny Greenwood

This is to all the women who have inspired me - work life, personal life, my life.


Matt Stanton


Felicia Stanley

Who run the world?!


Roc Febbo




Jacky Yabsley

Amazing initiative! Thank you so much team!


Matthew Lewczak


Simon Pham

I would like to dedicate this donation to my mother, Kiem! Shes a true testament to what a strong women is, my idol!


Vaughan Nunn

For all the strong women in my life


Magdalena Opalinska



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