Zoe Gong

Do It In A Dress 2019

Camberwell Market Stall !

This is us selling handmade and second hand goods to raise funds for #DoItInADress:


I'm fundraising for...

One Girl! One Girl is a non-for-profit organisation that helps educating girls one girl at a time. I want to educate girls because it is smart. I want to educate girls because it absolutely changes the world. Education should be the one thing that cannot be taken away from you, but for girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone, this is not the case. Girls all around the world should be given equal opportunities so that they can achieve their best! 

Young women who want an education should not be stopped.


My Achievements

Reached 100% of your fundraising target! A+ effort!

Joined Do It In A Dress 2019 ... and we're off!

Raised $40!? Enough for five reusable pad kits!

Hit $100! Enough for life skills training for six months!

Raised $300 – that's enough for school for one year!

Raised $500 ... you are absolutely smashing it!

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Thanked my donors :)

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#Do it in a dress


Matilda Enlund

Well done Zoe for supporting this great cause !


Isabella Wong

Hi Zoe, What a great fundraiser for a good cause! You’re helping more girls to have a chance and hope to succeed in their life, I hope my little donation will help a girl in need. Isabella


Australian Poly Philanthropic Foundation


Kathy Vlahos

Good luck Zoe! A great cause


Chapel Corner Tyres


Shelley Du

Hi zoe, well done!


Ashley Stephens

Great work Zoe.


Cynthia Lin


Joumana Loudo

So proud of u Zoe xx


Rachel Yu

Dear Zoe, You are an amazing and so thoughtful and open minded person , and I hope your program is a giant success! I am currently Ten years old, and I love school so much, and I think school is an amazing experience, and everyone should be able to experience it too . Thank you for sharing that experience FOR me through this fundraiser and event, and I hope that the lucky people you educate can have the best experience in life. - Rachel Yu 10



Well done Zoe on your initiative to support this important cause- providing education opportunities for girls! Best of luck ! On behalf of my colleagues who supported you by purchasing your cupcakes :)

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