Al's 60th BD

By Alison guida

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

This year I'm donating my birthday to support girls' education through One Girl. So instead of gifts, I'd like to ask you to support them too with a donation. This program encompasses many issues about  which I feel passionate - the eradication of disadvantage and poverty, good health, the need for education and action on climate change.  Educating girls assists in achieving all of this. It results in changes in health, status, income and entire future changes for the better. An educated girl will go on to educate her (smaller, healthier) family and community with benefits for all. Have a look at the website for more info on the wonderful achievements of One Girl.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Sarah Hurren

Happy Birthday Al.x


Moira Bowman

Wishing you a happy festival of Alison!!! xxx



Love your idea Al, you're almost at your goal..... donation from Maura, Lisa, Gerry and Jenny.


Loretta Sullivan

Happy 60th Alison, inspiring gift idea xx


Cathy Sing

Beautiful idea Ali 💗



Fantastic idea Ali!



Great cause Alison .


Yvonne Billows

A wonderful gift fir others on your special day 😊


Jillian Stickland

Here’s $1 for everyone of your wonderful years. Great idea Al.




Geraldine Burgess

Great cause Al, happy to be part of xx


Alison Guida

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