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Just a little bit of baking!

Made some cupcakes and muffins this weekend for a Christmas party and some Christmas presents. After all of these were decorated, we also made some Gingerbread villages (but forgot to take photos of them).

Welcome to our fundraising page

I've been baking a LOT through iso!! I found some lovely people to help me eat the results of my marathon baking sessions, and have had many offers of reimbursement over the last few months. I have been baking for my own mental health, not for any sort of financial gain, so I have declined. 
Then I teamed up with Sarina for an epic baking project (see picture), and my wonderful sister brought up the idea of making some gingerbread houses to sell for charity. That is where this page comes in.
We are both baking only for our own enjoyment, so payment is not required for our baked goodies. However, if you would like to give something in return, there are many girls around the world who would certainly benefit from any amount you can afford to contribute. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Maria Lissenburg

I love that you are supporting girls' education. It is something we take for granted here, but it is so important for all girls everywhere.





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