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Day 7 - 5km swim for OneGirl completed!

Day 7 - I completed my swimathon for OneGirl this morning. And it was fantastic to be greeted by Christine McKenna, Neil Smith and Trish Smith when I reached the shoreline. Many thanks to all my sponsors. It was money well spent guys.  I well and truly beat my donation target of $1000. Cheers, Dave. 

Day 6 - 4.2km so far

Day 6 had perfect conditions for a swimathon except for the brewing storm clouds. Donations are still trickling in and I have only 800m to go! Thanks goes to my many generous sponsors. 

Day 5 - 3.5km so far

Perfect conditions for open water swimming this morning. It was like a lake. Not sure about tomorrow’s forecast though. 🌧

Day 4 - another 700m

It’s day 4 of my swimathon for OneGirl and I’ve doubled my initial donation target of $1000!  Thanks to all my generous supporters. I’ve swam 2800m so far and I’ve got another 2200m to reach my goal of 5km. So far so good. 

Day 3 - 700m

Day 3 went well this morning with another 700m added towards my goal of 5000m. Caught up with some good mates afterwards for a coffee at the beach kiosk. Only 2900m to go! 

Day 2 - another 700m

Day 2 and I’ve clocked up a total of 1.4km. Only 3.6km to go!  Conditions were pretty good at 10am although the water temp is a little cold. No jellies which was good. And the donations are doing very nicely. Thanks to all my sponsors. 

700m today - 4300m to go

Bit chilly this morning but I managed to dodge the rain. A few wetsuit boys at the beach but otherwise pretty quiet. I also managed to dodge a large jellyfish. 

Day One

Happy IWD2021.  It’s day one of my quest to swim 5km for OneGirl. All money goes to help education programs for young girls in two African countries Sierra Leone and Uganda. I’m off to Williamstown Beach in a couple of hours to kick off the swimathon. Pics and updates to follow. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michael Watson


Neil Smith

Well done Aqua Man! 🏊‍♂️


Matt Lishman

Great work Davi! This great cause could help my potentially future daughter.




Les Jones

Good on ya mate. Get those swims done.


Scott And Sue Phillips

Great work, Dave. It is so important to support the education of women in Africa. We wish you and the OneGirl movement every success. Solidarity forever!


Andrew Hamilton

I’ll shout you a coffee at the end of the swimathon




Linelle Gibson

Keep up the swimming good on you Dave


Mick Wootten


Andrea And David Robinson

Swim swim swim .. great job Dave


Chris Mckenna

Go brother go !


Christine Mckenna

Keep up the great work. Education is the way forward.


Josephine Mckenna

Hope we can make a difference. Well done David! Jo x


Jenny Smith

Bravo Dave




Charmian Gaud


Maryanne Bilston

Good on you xx


Anita Kaminski

Macca, you continue to remind me on occasion that you are such a good egg-such a worthy cause-delighted to contribute xo



Best wishes for your big swim Dave


Andrew Lishman

Great work, Davi! ~Andy & Ash


John Pearson

Happy to help Team David, for a worthy cause. Cheers John and Kathy


Chris Robertson


Kathleen Riches

Ive always respected that you live your politics. Keep it real comrade. ❤


Gemma Griffiths

Stay warm David. Gemma


Bill Kara

Don't forget to breath mate :)


Jon Mckenna

Great work Davo. Love it 👏🏻


Jen Mckinley


Susanne Calman

Thank You


Mark Gepp

Well done Dave, great cause


Cas Bukor

Gooooo David.


Craig Cash

Great cause mate


Luke Mckenna


Ross Walker

Great cause Dave & good luck with the swim 😎



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