F45 Kardy Rowing Fundraiser - for Empowering Chicks

By F45 Kardy Row to East Freo in 1 hour Join Me

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Our Fundraiser Aim

Members of our F45 Kardinya studio will tag team on 2 rowers (one only going at one time) and aim to row metres of 20kms in 1 hour - Thats quite a fast pace. We are doing it to help young girls in poorer countries get educated so they don't end up in prostitution, child slavery, homeless and much more. What we take for granted they value as life changing. Let's come together and help!

Saturday July 10th 9:30am at the studio - come along to support - All members, friends, families and partners welcome!

Thank you to my Supporters


Liz Bahar

So sorry I can't make it...if only it was earlier....Good luck anyway x


Belinda Di Lorito

Get it guys! Hope you smash your target!


Dan Mulvee



Anita Manzoni

So sorry I won't be able to be there ❤


Robyn Stead


Jennifer Hancock


Dusty Lock


Elliarne Stead

Go Team! All for such a good cause.


Tarin - Koar Skin Therapy



Just a little something to start this! Let’s do it team!!

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