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I'm getting active to support girls' education with One Girl!

I am running like a girl to raise awareness and funds to educate girls in Africa so they to can have a education and have a good quality of life both now and tomorrow. In countries such as Sierra Leone and Uganda girls are denied an education because they are girls. It takes $300 to educate a girl for one year. Educating a girl has many benefits. Her future income increases for each year she is educated and she will invest most of that back in to her family, she will not be married or have children at a young age thus being able to stay in school longer and have a better education. 

My goal over the next 2 years is to raise $1,500 which is enough to educate 5 girls for one year.

My Updates

Jase Runs Like A Girl Vlog - 30th November 2020.

Jase Runs Like A Girl Vlog - 3rd November 2020

Three Bridges Run

Ran my first in person running event today, Three Bridges Run in Parramatta, NSW for the first time since I ran one in Rockaway Beach, Queens in New York in March. Was nice to be back and running such events. Was different with modifications to procedures at the start and finish due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I ran the half marathon (21.1ks) for my first sub 2 hour half marathon in quite a while in 1:59:30.

Due to the weather in Sydney today I am unable to record a vlog video but hope to do one this week.

Virtual City 2 Surf In A Dress DONE

Ran the Virtual City 2 Surf from Parramatta to Rhodes this morning doing the 14ks running like a girl for charity to educate girls in Africa in 1:14:51 on a rather humid morning.

Anniversary 5k at Sydney Olympic Park

Jase Runs Like A Girl Vlog - 11th October 2020

Westmead To Luna Park in A Dress - Video

Westmead To Luna Park in A Dress

Joined the Running Bolts this morning for a run from Westmead (near Parramatta) to Luna Park. 33.25ks and 3:43:44 later I got there on a warm Sydney morning. Thanks to Bolts members Symon, Brett and Albert for the pics.

Red Rattler Day In A Dress Photos

Red Rattler Day In A Dress

After much hard work behind the scenes Jolly Johnson Rail Tours working with Sydney Trains managed to get a tour running on 20th September taking in some places we dont normally go on a train such as maintenance centres and yards on board Sydney's red rattler train. Also went through the city and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and up north to Cowan. Was a great day out with some other on the tour assknig about Do It In A Dress.

JASE RUN LIKE A GIRL VLOG - 20th September 2020

Jase Run Like A Girl Vlog - 30th August 2020

30k Long Run Sunday

30k long run Sunday this morning done in a dress in 3:02:11 around Sydney's Hills District finishing outside the famous Ettamogah Pub. Yes, My legs didnt like that.

Jase Runs Like A Girl Vlog - 9th August 2020

Run Like A Girl Vlog - 19th July 2020

Another 42.2ks in 42 Hours DONE!!!!

Completed another 42.2ks in 42 hours this morning with 15ks done in 1:26:23 for a total of 4:21:06 for 43ks and 4:16:49 for 42.2ks. Started on Friday night with 14ks in 1:24:58 with another 14ks on Saturday morning with a bit of rain in 1:19:45

Run Like A Girl Vlog - 28th June 2020

Run Like A Girl Vlog - 7th June 2020


After running like a girl to raise awareness and funding for girls' education in Africa for a total of 6:39:49 I completed the Run With The World 61.2ks in 42 hours challenge. On the morning leg, (Leg 2) I had a gentleman from Africa stop me to take a photo of the back of my dress. On the last leg I came across a number of other participants in various challenges even some pulling over in cars to tell me I can get this done. YES I was glad to get to the 7-11 and get a big Coke Slurpee but I do not regret doing this and hoping I can do some other challenges in the future. All the best to those who still have distance to complete in this challenge. A video Vlog will be posted tomorrow 7th June 2020.


Completed the 2nd event in the Athletics Australia Virtual Australian Challenge today running 5k in 24:22 which is a time I have not run in quite a while so was quite happy about that. The next event will in June and is 10ks
I will be posting another vlog post next weekend following the 61.2k in 42 hours challenge

Run Like A Girl Vlog - 17th May 2020

Run Like A Girl Update - 17th May 2020

First of all thank you for the birthday wishes for today.
Completed my 7th virtual parkrun on Saturday 16th May in a time of 25:11 and started off my birthday by running 23ks in 2:11:53. I was meant to celebrate my birthday by running the SMH Half Marathon but has been postponed due to the COVID_19 pandemic.


Took advantage of a nice Sydney afternoon to do the first event in the Athletics Australia Virtual Australian Challenge running like a girl doing 1k in 4:10 around a local oval. The next event is in about 2 weeks which is the 5k.


As promised once I reached $800 in donation for my One Girl campaign I would do my next virtual parkrun as Minnie Mouse. Today I was also joined by a friend, Imogen for 5ks around our local area with even NSW Police who were patrolling asking why Minnie Mouse was running around. Did my 5ks in 26:55.


Run NSW Virtual Series Race 3 - 4k, ALL DONE!!

Completed the Run NSW Virtual Series today by completing my 3rd and final run this afternoon in 20:28. Next week I start on this Athletics Australia Virtual Australian Challenge with the 1k run which I will do one afternoon next week.

Run NSW Virtual Series Race 2 - 5k

2nd run in the Run NSW Virtual Series this afternoon, the 2nd 5k I need to run and finally got back under 25 minutes for 5ks done in 24:55 so was very happy see that 24 in the minutes when I finished. One more run to do and I will do that tomorrow being the 4k. 

Run NSW Virtual Series Race 2 - 5k - Video

social distance running virtual parkrun week 5

Week 5 of Social Distance Running Virtual parkrun done in 27:31 for 5ks this afternoon backing up after finishing 42.2ks in 42 hours challenge. As I have passed $800 in donations next Saturday I will be doing Virtual parkrun as Minnie Mouse.

Social Distance Running Virtual parkrun week 5 video


Finished the 42.2ks in 42 hours challenge this morning by running another 22ks for a total of 44ks. Took a different route this morning. Thanks to all who donated and cheered me on in this challenge. Did this morning's 22ks in 2:11:49 for a total time of 4:22:17.


42.2ks in 42 hours challenge day 1 - 22ks done

This morning I started running just before 6am in the 42.2ks in 42 hours challenge. I completed 22ks in 2:10:29 around Sydney's Hills District at times dealing with strong cold winds. Tomorrow morning I will complete the final 20.2ks running a similar course to today.

42.2ks in 42 hours challenge day 1 - 22ks done video

Encinitas Virtual Half Marathon

Recently ran 22ks around Sydney's Hills District in 2;12:06 to complete the Enciintas Virtual Half Marathon. I was due to run the real event in Enciintas in Southern California in in March but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the event was cancelled.

Run NSW Virtual Series Race 1 - 5k

Ran my first run in the Run NSW Virtual Series today to get it in the books. 5ks done in 25:17. Doing all events in this series in a dress to support One Girl's Do It In A Dress. 

Run NSW Virtual Series Race 1 - 5k Video

Social Distance Running Virtual parkrun Week 4

Did this week's run on Sunday as not to clash with ANZAC Day. Did the 5ks in 26:50. The next 2 weeks I will be participating in the Run NSW Virtual Run Series and 42.2ks in 42 hours both to raise awareness of girls' education in Africa

Social Distance Running Week 4 Video

42.2Ks in 42 Hours

On the weekend of 1st to 3rd May I will be taking part in 42.2ks (a marathon) over 42 hours.

I plan to do 10ks on the Friday evening followed by 16ks on both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully the weather does not get in the way.

Social Distance Running Week 3 - Minnie Mouse To Run Again

Social Distance Running Week 3 - Minnie Mouse To Run Again

Another week of social distance running virtual parkrun with my 5ks done in 26:12. Nice to get my times back down again. I have had some requests for Minnie Mouse to run again so I have decided that once my donations get to $800 I will do a social distance run dressed as Minnie Mouse. Please donate if you can to get Minnie Mouse running again.

Easter Bunny Virtual 5k parkrun

Got out my bunny ears and pink running tutu for 5ks on Easter Saturday. Done in 26:49 and finished with a Slurpee.


Museum Of Ice Cream In A Dress

When I was in New York City on the weekend of 14th / 15th March where I was due to run the New York City Half Marathon which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic I decided I would visit the Museum Of Ice Cream in the SoHo district of Lower Manhattan. Was a nice and fun place to visit and a great way to get away from and enjoy a fun time from what was happening. Had some staff ask about One Girl and compliment me on what I was doing and how my dress went well with the theme of the museum too. The day I visited was their last day of being open until they reopen. More photos from ym visit can be found on my Instagram account at @jaseaurunner https://www.instagram.com/jaseaurunner


With parkrun suspended at the moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic the next best thing is social distance running doing virtual 5ks every Saturday. This morning I did my first virtual 5k running like a girl I started at Crestwood reserve and did 1 1.2 laps of the reserve before finishing at a local 7-11 for a Coke Slurpee. Did my 5ks in 26:40. Felt nice to go for a run after 2 weeks self isolation.


Today is the day I finish my self isolation and head home to family. Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me over the past few days. Looing forward to doing some more fundraising and awareness events for One Girl's Do It In A Dress.


Today is my last full day of self isolation after returning from the USA 2 weeks ago. Thought this day would feel long but it wasn't even though it was a rainy day. Prepared my final radio show for 2RDJ-FM in which I look at how GPS is creating better runners. Also called up Tim Conway Jnr on KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles. Built another Lego model this time a space shuttle and transporter from a 3:1 set. Tomorrow I finish my isolation in the morning and return home to my family.


Only one more full day of self isolation left. Had a quiet day enjoyed listening to Tim Conway Jnr on KFI-AM 640 from Los Angeles with guest Jay Leno. Also enjoyed stepping outside again on a nice Sydney afternoon. Prepared another radio programme for 2RDJ-FM as well. 


Nice day in Sydney today so opened up some doors and windows to let some fresh air in and enjoy the nice weather. Also prepared my daily self isolation radio programme for 2RDJ-FM which features a segment on how a recording studio mishap in 1979 shaped modern music. Built another lego model of a scene from San Francisco. Building the Golden Gate Bridge was a bit of a challenge. Only 2 more full days to go.



Did today's video from one of my balconies today. Rather quiet day talking with friends and family both over the phone and online, prepared another radio show for 2RDJ-FM including a feature on the history of the word "OK". Also edited some video I took at Seaworld Orlando when I was there nearly 3 weeks ago. 



Reached double digits today. YES!!!! Built another Lego model today, this time a scene from London. Also prepared another programme for 2RDJ-FM to air tomorrow morning and also chatted in a group vidoe chat with some of my runDisney friends. Was nice to talk with them albeit in a group chat. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of them at Walt Disney World in January for Dopey. 


Today I wore my One Girl #runlikeagirl top this morning to join in spirit those doing #socialdistancerunning. I prepared another radio programme for 2RDJ-FM and also put together some videos for my nephew or planes and trains I took over in the USA recently of planes and trains I took over the USA including boarding walking out to board a Southwest flight at Burbank and trains in the New York City Subway.


Had a running friend drop off an iced chocolate for me this morning, Thanks Kerry. Also worked on another lego model this time a space station with a shuttle and crew. Recorded another radio programme for 2RDJ-FM in which I look at the history of the Walt Disney World Marathon which I will be running in a dress next year. 


Quiet day today talking with friends and just relaxing. Did some more research for my future programmes on 2RDJ-FM and recorded tomorrow's programme which features a story of a SR-71 crew on a training mission with too much time on their hands.


Spent most of the day doing another Lego model this time one of Las Vegas which was tideous at times. Also recorded a radio programme for tomorrow morning on 2RDJ-FM. 


Quiet day to preparing my next programme for broadcats on 2RDJ-FM and looking for content for future programmes. Also chatted with some family and friends so in all a quiet day with some good relaxing down time. 

Self Isolation In A Dress Day 4

Day 4 of self isolation in a dress. This morning I worked on my radio programme for tomorrow on Community Radio 2RDJ-FM and built my second Lego model which is a model of New York City featuing Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and One World Trade Center. Took me most of the afternoon to build. 


Day 3 of self isolation was mainly spent getting my first few radio shows together which I will be broadcasting from tomorrow, Monday 23rd March on 2RDJ-FM in Sydney. The first protgramme will air from 6am. That took up most of the day which was good as I was occupied all day. Actually found it a nice way to fill in the day.


First full day of actual isolation started by waking up at 2am and calling into Gary and Shannon on KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles. Wore my #runlikeagirl top like I do every Saturdya morning for parkrun. I also started working on the my upcoming radio shows to be broadcast on 2RDJ-FM starting Monday. Tomorrow I will record the first programme. Completed my first Lego model today which was a steam train. I have more models to complete over the next 2 weeks.


Today I started my self isolation period due to the Australian government's COVID_19 biosecurity measures in place as I returned this morning from the USA. Today I settled in, had a nap and also set up a remote radio studio as I wll be back on radio 2RDJ-FM from Monday 23rd March. I am doing my isolation in a dress as a fundraiser and awareness for girls education in Africa. If you can donate that would be greatly appreciated. I wll be making a new post every day. 


Took the One Girlmessage about girls education in Africa to one of the world's most famous ice rinks, The Rink At Rockefeller Center which opened in 1936. Had many skaters ask me about Do It In A Dress and was even given a donation by a staff member. 


LA Marathon done in a dress on International Women's Day from Dodger Stadium near Downtown LA to Santa Monica in a time of 4:49:19. Was a nice day weather wise Many compiments on the course and side lines about my dress and also the charity too. Had to stop a few times so people could scan a QR code I had pinned to the back of the dress. THe race announcer at the finish Fitz remembered me from yesterday and called me out as I crossed the finish line. 


Ran the LA Big 5k this morning around Dodger Stadiumand Elysian Park in Los Angeles aspart of LA Marathon weekend. I am running the marathon also. DId the 5ks in 30:49. Thanks to Fitz and Rudy the race announcers who noticed me and mentioned me at the star and finsih. Rudy also spopke to me after the race and said it is people lke me that make a difference. Also had many people compliment me at the finish and on course.


Completed my last long training run on Sunday 23rd February for the LA Marathon on International Women's Day in 2 weeks which I will be running in a school dress. Started just after 5:30am and clocked up 30ks in 3:04:30. Was even nice to get rained on in the last 5ks. 

2020 BBBRun

BBBRun 10k this morning on a humid morning in Sydney following recent rains and an overnight storm. Done is 54:13 but was expecting to finish between 57-60 mins. Was even interviewed by the MC post race about Do It In A Dress and Elsa met Australian Olympian Eloise Wellings.


First fun for 2020 this morning, Sun Run, 10ks from Dee Why to Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches with some challenging hills done in 55:09. 


To start 2021 I will be running the Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge from 7th - 10th January. The Dopey Challenge is a 4 day challenge held over the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in which I will be running the following events all in school dresses to raise awareness and funds for girls' education in Africa. 

7th January 2021 - Walt Disney World 5k Family Fun Run
8th January 2021 - Walt Disney World 10k
9th January 2021 - Walt Disney World Half Marathon (21.1k)
10th January 2021 - Walt Disney World Marathon (42.2k)

Sydney CBD Light Rail Opening Weekend

Today I put on a dress and rode the new Sydney CBD Light Rail for the first time after it opened this weekend. Thank you to those passengers who asked me about One Girl, #DoItInADress and girls' education in Africa. Thank you also to the lady who gave me a $5 donation.

Sydney Airport Runway Run

1k loop this morning of runway 07/25 at Sydney Airport in the annual Sydney Airport Runway Run done in a school dress. Rather unique place to run with planes landing and taxiing around you. 


10ks on Sunday arpund Rozelle and Lilyfield at the always challenging Balmain Fun Run for 10ks. Done in a time of 52:45 with a fall at the 4k mark but got up and kept going. 

Weekend Double - Fun Run Pink and Three Bridges Run

Two fun runs last weekend. Fun Run Pink at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday as part of Triathlon Pink. 6k event done in 32:45. Backed up on Sunday for a challenging 29ks for Three Bridges Run along the Parramatta River taking in the Old Meadowbank Rail Bridge, Bennelong Bridge over Homebush Bay and Silverwater Bridge. Done in a time of 3:33:02. 


Parkrun In A Dress on a nice sunny morning in Sydney which raised $120 for One Girl. Thanks to all who donated. Ran 5ks in 25:48.


This Saturday I am hosting Parkrun In A Dress at Rhodes parkrun starting at 8am. Please arrive by 7:45am. If you would like a time you will need to register at www.parkrun.com.au and print your barcode and bring it with you. I will have a donation box as well as nibbles afterwards. The closed station is Concord West and the start is a 5 minute walk from the station.

Melbourne Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!

Took to the streets and for some part tram tracks of Melbourne and finished with a lap of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in a school dress to complete my second marathon in a month as part of Do It In A Dress. Finished in a time of 4:47:58 which is redemption for the challenging Sydney Marathon 4 weeks earlier. Had many spectators and runners give compliments about the dress, cause and also One Girl. My next marathon will be Sunday 8th March 2020 on International Womens' Day in Los Angeles.

One Week To Melbourne Marathon

15ks around Sydney finishing at Darling Harbour to prepare for Melbourne Marathon next week. 

Random Donation Of Kindness I

Travelling on Sydney Metro this afternoon and had a passenger tap me from behind and offer a donation. Thanks for donating.

Steam Train Ride In A Dress

On Sunday I took a steam rrain ride from Richmond in North West Sydney to Central station via Rhodes (To turn the train around.) in a dress to spread the One Girl Do It In A Dress message about girls' educartion in Africa. Had a few people ask about the programme.

Sydney Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!!

Sydney Marathon done in 5:56:08 for 42.2ks on a tough morning in Sydney with warm weather in a One Girl Do It In A Dress dress. Felt ill at the 34k mark and had assistance from other runners. I wanted to finish, insisted on it and made sure I did. It hurt, it was mentally draining and I was sore BUT I DID IT!! Still not deterring me from coming to Melbourne in 4 weeks and running the marathon down there too. Also had quite a number of compliments on course too and people ask about the charity too.

Newtown Run For Fun

10ks around Sydney Park this morning for Newtown Run For Fun hosted by Newtown Public School. Done in a time of 59:54. Had a few conversations about girls education in Africa with some other participants. Next weekend is Sydney Marathon.

Radio In A Dress

Yesterday presented 1 hour LIVE on Community Radio Station 2RDJ-FM at the Strathfield Spring Festival. Had many people give compliments

Manly Fun Run

Manly Fun Run this morning dressed as Elsa in a school dress with the 5k done in 26:57 on a challenging course. Was even bailed up after I finished by the event MC and asked about Do It In A Dress. Many people along the course liked the outfit along with many foreign tourists heading back on the ferry wanting pics with Elsa.

Radio In A Dress

On Saturday 7th September I will back on radio 2RDJ-FM broadcasting live at the Strathfield Spring Festival from 12pm - 1pm presenting my shift in a school dress to raise awareness of girls education in Africa. Don't be shy come and say HI!!

Sydney Half

Challenging Sydney Half on Sunday morning done in a time of 2:04:49 in a school dress. Many good comments from other participants about the cause too.

Elsa Meets Thomas

Elsa in a school dress meets Thomas The Tank Engine following City 2 Surf at Central Station as part of TrackSAFE week activities.

City 2 Surf

A challenging 14ks on Sunday for City 2 Surf from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach dressed as Elsa in a school dress. 1:17:44 for the 14ks. Thanks Sarah for your donation.

Bay Run

7ks around Iron Cover Bay for the annual Bay Run in just over 34 minutes.

Sydney Harbour 5k and 10k

Sydney Harbour 5k and 10k this morning back to back. Ran the 5k in a Cinderella dress and then ran like a girl for the 10k. 10k done in 54:32 with quite a number of positive comments about repping One Girl and running like a girl.

Sutherland 2 Surf

Sutherland 2 Surf last weekend in just over 58 minutes for the 11ks from Sutherland to Wanda Beach.

Skating At Festival

Visited the Skating At Festival in Sydney yesterday in a dress. Got a $5 donation and also had a conversation with a few people about One Girl and the importance of educating girls in Africa. Even thought I may not get a donation from those people I also think it is important that the conversation gets started as part of the step of bringing awareness to this little known issue.

Marathon Training in a Dress

On a foggy morning in Sydney I stepped up my preperation for my 2 marathon Do It In A Dress challenge I did 30ks in 3:18:27 starting at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, over Circular Quay, around Mrs Macquarie Chair and the Sydney Opera House, down to Central station, Back over the ANZAC Bridge, along part of the Bay Run and ending at a 7 Eleven in Haberfield for a Slurpee. Was stopped by a few people along the way asking about One Girl and why I was running in a school dress. My 2 marathon challange will see running both Sydney Marathon on 15th September and Melbourne Marathon on 13th October both in a school dress.

Ice Rinks

The next few weeks sees a number of pop ice rinks around Sydney. I will be skating at some of them to raise awareness for girls education in Africa so they can also get a quality education like other girls in other countries and have a good future and quality of life.

Transport Heritage Expo

Transport Heritage Expo this June long weekend in Sydney and one of my favourite events especially with F1, Sydney's Vintage Electric Train out and about on the network along with steam trains and other heritage trains. I was out and about today in a school dress to raise awareness for girls education in Africa. Thanks to those people who spoke to me today at railway stations and also gave donations.

Thank you to my Supporters


Kylie Simpson


David D’alessio

Keep up the great work Jase! Fantastic effort getting out their and running for a good cause.


Zoe Zoe



Good on ya for running for such a great cause.


Michelle R

Male champions of the female cause have a special place reserved in Heaven. Thank you Jase.


Sandra Roggeveen

Go Jase! Awesome effort for an amazing cause.


Westpac Matched Donation



❤ great cause Jase


Yelsha And Dennis

What you've set out to achieve is inspiring and is changing the lives of everyone affected. You should be proud, J. We're cheering for you, J! Yelsha and Dennis.


Andy Sutton


Ercan Boduk

Weekend weather forecast is looking beaut


Kristina Lachaga

To celebrate your completed Self Isolation in a Dress! Wish we could've seen you in NYC!


Elana Traurig

Well done Jase.


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Refund

Busch Gardens is an African themed theme park in Tampa Bay, Florida. I was meant to visit this park this week. Money from refund being used to educate girls in Africa.


Rockefeller Ice Rink Staff

Thank you to the staff member from The Rockefeller Ice Rink for your donation


Alan Chen

Hello Jase! I met you this weekend, first at the train station and later after the race. Congratulations on your efforts!


Light Rail Opening


Rhodes Parkrun


Mel C

Nice job at Parkrun today 👍🏻


Mark Lehane

Well done Jase. This is a great cause and you are making a real difference


Rhodes Parkrun



Saw Jase on the train sporting his dress, had to throw in a few dollars for his efforts.





Saw you at the Bay Run on 5/8. What a legend! All the best


Ice Skating Sydney Cbd



I’m in awe of you- how amazing


Transport Expo



Love what you're doing - so proud of you and happy to support! - Kristina



Love this! Good luck with raising the funds.

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