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To start 2021 I will be running the Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge from 7th - 10th January. The Dopey Challenge is a 4 day challenge held over the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in which I will be running the following events all in school dresses to raise awareness and funds for girls' education in Africa. 

7th January 2021 - Walt Disney World 5k Family Fun Run
8th January 2021 - Walt Disney World 10k
9th January 2021 - Walt Disney World Half Marathon (21.1k)
10th January 2021 - Walt Disney World Marathon (42.2k)

Sydney CBD Light Rail Opening Weekend

Today I put on a dress and rode the new Sydney CBD Light Rail for the first time after it opened this weekend. Thank you to those passengers who asked me about One Girl, #DoItInADress and girls' education in Africa. Thank you also to the lady who gave me a $5 donation.

Sydney Airport Runway Run

1k loop this morning of runway 07/25 at Sydney Airport in the annual Sydney Airport Runway Run done in a school dress. Rather unique place to run with planes landing and taxiing around you. 


10ks on Sunday arpund Rozelle and Lilyfield at the always challenging Balmain Fun Run for 10ks. Done in a time of 52:45 with a fall at the 4k mark but got up and kept going. 

Weekend Double - Fun Run Pink and Three Bridges Run

Two fun runs last weekend. Fun Run Pink at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday as part of Triathlon Pink. 6k event done in 32:45. Backed up on Sunday for a challenging 29ks for Three Bridges Run along the Parramatta River taking in the Old Meadowbank Rail Bridge, Bennelong Bridge over Homebush Bay and Silverwater Bridge. Done in a time of 3:33:02. 


Parkrun In A Dress on a nice sunny morning in Sydney which raised $120 for One Girl. Thanks to all who donated. Ran 5ks in 25:48.


This Saturday I am hosting Parkrun In A Dress at Rhodes parkrun starting at 8am. Please arrive by 7:45am. If you would like a time you will need to register at www.parkrun.com.au and print your barcode and bring it with you. I will have a donation box as well as nibbles afterwards. The closed station is Concord West and the start is a 5 minute walk from the station.

Melbourne Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!

Took to the streets and for some part tram tracks of Melbourne and finished with a lap of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in a school dress to complete my second marathon in a month as part of Do It In A Dress. Finished in a time of 4:47:58 which is redemption for the challenging Sydney Marathon 4 weeks earlier. Had many spectators and runners give compliments about the dress, cause and also One Girl. My next marathon will be Sunday 8th March 2020 on International Womens' Day in Los Angeles.

One Week To Melbourne Marathon

15ks around Sydney finishing at Darling Harbour to prepare for Melbourne Marathon next week. 

Random Donation Of Kindness I

Travelling on Sydney Metro this afternoon and had a passenger tap me from behind and offer a donation. Thanks for donating.

Steam Train Ride In A Dress

On Sunday I took a steam rrain ride from Richmond in North West Sydney to Central station via Rhodes (To turn the train around.) in a dress to spread the One Girl Do It In A Dress message about girls' educartion in Africa. Had a few people ask about the programme.

Sydney Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!!

Sydney Marathon done in 5:56:08 for 42.2ks on a tough morning in Sydney with warm weather in a One Girl Do It In A Dress dress. Felt ill at the 34k mark and had assistance from other runners. I wanted to finish, insisted on it and made sure I did. It hurt, it was mentally draining and I was sore BUT I DID IT!! Still not deterring me from coming to Melbourne in 4 weeks and running the marathon down there too. Also had quite a number of compliments on course too and people ask about the charity too.

Newtown Run For Fun

10ks around Sydney Park this morning for Newtown Run For Fun hosted by Newtown Public School. Done in a time of 59:54. Had a few conversations about girls education in Africa with some other participants. Next weekend is Sydney Marathon.

Radio In A Dress

Yesterday presented 1 hour LIVE on Community Radio Station 2RDJ-FM at the Strathfield Spring Festival. Had many people give compliments

Manly Fun Run

Manly Fun Run this morning dressed as Elsa in a school dress with the 5k done in 26:57 on a challenging course. Was even bailed up after I finished by the event MC and asked about Do It In A Dress. Many people along the course liked the outfit along with many foreign tourists heading back on the ferry wanting pics with Elsa.

Radio In A Dress

On Saturday 7th September I will back on radio 2RDJ-FM broadcasting live at the Strathfield Spring Festival from 12pm - 1pm presenting my shift in a school dress to raise awareness of girls education in Africa. Don't be shy come and say HI!!

Sydney Half

Challenging Sydney Half on Sunday morning done in a time of 2:04:49 in a school dress. Many good comments from other participants about the cause too.

Elsa Meets Thomas

Elsa in a school dress meets Thomas The Tank Engine following City 2 Surf at Central Station as part of TrackSAFE week activities.

City 2 Surf

A challenging 14ks on Sunday for City 2 Surf from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach dressed as Elsa in a school dress. 1:17:44 for the 14ks. Thanks Sarah for your donation.

Bay Run

7ks around Iron Cover Bay for the annual Bay Run in just over 34 minutes.

Sydney Harbour 5k and 10k

Sydney Harbour 5k and 10k this morning back to back. Ran the 5k in a Cinderella dress and then ran like a girl for the 10k. 10k done in 54:32 with quite a number of positive comments about repping One Girl and running like a girl.

Sutherland 2 Surf

Sutherland 2 Surf last weekend in just over 58 minutes for the 11ks from Sutherland to Wanda Beach.

Skating At Festival

Visited the Skating At Festival in Sydney yesterday in a dress. Got a $5 donation and also had a conversation with a few people about One Girl and the importance of educating girls in Africa. Even thought I may not get a donation from those people I also think it is important that the conversation gets started as part of the step of bringing awareness to this little known issue.

Marathon Training in a Dress

On a foggy morning in Sydney I stepped up my preperation for my 2 marathon Do It In A Dress challenge I did 30ks in 3:18:27 starting at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, over Circular Quay, around Mrs Macquarie Chair and the Sydney Opera House, down to Central station, Back over the ANZAC Bridge, along part of the Bay Run and ending at a 7 Eleven in Haberfield for a Slurpee. Was stopped by a few people along the way asking about One Girl and why I was running in a school dress. My 2 marathon challange will see running both Sydney Marathon on 15th September and Melbourne Marathon on 13th October both in a school dress.

Ice Rinks

The next few weeks sees a number of pop ice rinks around Sydney. I will be skating at some of them to raise awareness for girls education in Africa so they can also get a quality education like other girls in other countries and have a good future and quality of life.

Transport Heritage Expo

Transport Heritage Expo this June long weekend in Sydney and one of my favourite events especially with F1, Sydney's Vintage Electric Train out and about on the network along with steam trains and other heritage trains. I was out and about today in a school dress to raise awareness for girls education in Africa. Thanks to those people who spoke to me today at railway stations and also gave donations.

I'm getting active to support girls' education with One Girl!

I am running like a girl to raise awareness and funds to educate girls in Africa so they to can have a education and have a good quality of life both now and tomorrow. In countries such as Sierra Leone and Uganda girls are denied an education because they are girls. It takes $300 to educate a girl for one year. Educating a girl has many benefits. Her future income increases for each year she is educated and she will invest most of that back in to her family, she will not be married or have children at a young age thus being able to stay in school longer and have a better education. 

My goal over the next 2 years is to raise $1,500 which is enough to educate 5 girls for one year.

Thank you to my Supporters


Light Rail Opening


Rhodes Parkrun


Mel C

Nice job at Parkrun today 👍🏻


Mark Lehane

Well done Jase. This is a great cause and you are making a real difference


Rhodes Parkrun



Saw Jase on the train sporting his dress, had to throw in a few dollars for his efforts.





Saw you at the Bay Run on 5/8. What a legend! All the best


Ice Skating Sydney Cbd



I’m in awe of you- how amazing


Transport Expo



Love what you're doing - so proud of you and happy to support! - Kristina



Love this! Good luck with raising the funds.

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