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Sydney 10 done in a dress on what started out as a foggy Sydney morning around Sydney Olympic Park including the main stadium from the Sydney 2000 Olympics done in 53:27 Quite happy with that time which does help with my confidence with Gold Coast Marathon 63.3k Challenge in July.

Jase Runs Like A Girl Vlog - April 2021

Canberra Half Marathon in a dress

Canberra Half Marathon done in a dress on a cold Canberra morning in 2;08:40 and help drag a friend to a half marathon PB.


Finishing off the month of March with the 2nd RunWest from Sydney Motorsport Park running 12ks through Sydney Zoo, Western Sydney Parklands and finishing at West HQ done in 1:07:05. My time would have been a bit better if I didn't stop to get a photo with the lions in the zoo so it was a bit like a DIsney run


Back in April 2019 I set myself a goal with my fundraising for One Girl to educate 5 girls in 2 years time. Today I reached that goal by raising just over $1,500. Thank you to all who have donated over the past 2 years to help me educate girls in African countries such as Uganda and Sierra Leone who are often forced out of school at a young age. I am still going to run like a girl to keep raising awareness and funding. You can still donate if you wish by selecting an amount above. Thanks in advance.

runDisney Princess Weekend In A Dress

Did Rhodes parkrun during runDisney Princess Weekend dressed as Cinderella. Being my first week back since getting shin splints I did the 5k in 30:43 which I was happy with. Thanks to Suzy for your donation.

Red Rattler Day In A Dress

After much hard work behind the scenes Jolly Johnson Rail Tours working with Sydney Trains managed to get a tour running on 20th September taking in some places we dont normally go on a train such as maintenance centres and yards on board Sydney's red rattler train. Also went through the city and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and up north to Cowan. Was a great day out with some other on the tour assknig about Do It In A Dress.


Took the One Girlmessage about girls education in Africa to one of the world's most famous ice rinks, The Rink At Rockefeller Center which opened in 1936. Had many skaters ask me about Do It In A Dress and was even given a donation by a staff member. 


LA Marathon done in a dress on International Women's Day from Dodger Stadium near Downtown LA to Santa Monica in a time of 4:49:19. Was a nice day weather wise Many compiments on the course and side lines about my dress and also the charity too. Had to stop a few times so people could scan a QR code I had pinned to the back of the dress. THe race announcer at the finish Fitz remembered me from yesterday and called me out as I crossed the finish line. 

Melbourne Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!

Took to the streets and for some part tram tracks of Melbourne and finished with a lap of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in a school dress to complete my second marathon in a month as part of Do It In A Dress. Finished in a time of 4:47:58 which is redemption for the challenging Sydney Marathon 4 weeks earlier. Had many spectators and runners give compliments about the dress, cause and also One Girl. My next marathon will be Sunday 8th March 2020 on International Womens' Day in Los Angeles.

Steam Train Ride In A Dress

On Sunday I took a steam rrain ride from Richmond in North West Sydney to Central station via Rhodes (To turn the train around.) in a dress to spread the One Girl Do It In A Dress message about girls' educartion in Africa. Had a few people ask about the programme.

Sydney Marathon In A Dress - DONE!!!

Sydney Marathon done in 5:56:08 for 42.2ks on a tough morning in Sydney with warm weather in a One Girl Do It In A Dress dress. Felt ill at the 34k mark and had assistance from other runners. I wanted to finish, insisted on it and made sure I did. It hurt, it was mentally draining and I was sore BUT I DID IT!! Still not deterring me from coming to Melbourne in 4 weeks and running the marathon down there too. Also had quite a number of compliments on course too and people ask about the charity too.

Transport Heritage Expo

Transport Heritage Expo this June long weekend in Sydney and one of my favourite events especially with F1, Sydney's Vintage Electric Train out and about on the network along with steam trains and other heritage trains. I was out and about today in a school dress to raise awareness for girls education in Africa. Thanks to those people who spoke to me today at railway stations and also gave donations.

Thank you to my Supporters


Kim Byrne

You’re such an amazing and inspiring person Jase! Keep on running!!! Thank you for helping me PB :)


Mark Lehane

Well done on achieving your goal Jase!


David Slee

Good on ya Jase. So inspiring.


Tina Nguyen


Bianca Ianni

Well done Jase



Good luck Jase!!


Ivana Iloski

Well done, Jase! Keep up the amazing work that you do!


Roxi Acevedo


Suzy Yates

Inspired at park run 🏃🏻‍♂️


Kylie Simpson


David D’alessio

Keep up the great work Jase! Fantastic effort getting out their and running for a good cause.


Zoe Zoe



Good on ya for running for such a great cause.


Michelle R

Male champions of the female cause have a special place reserved in Heaven. Thank you Jase.


Sandra Roggeveen

Go Jase! Awesome effort for an amazing cause.


Westpac Matched Donation



❤ great cause Jase


Yelsha And Dennis

What you've set out to achieve is inspiring and is changing the lives of everyone affected. You should be proud, J. We're cheering for you, J! Yelsha and Dennis.


Andy Sutton


Ercan Boduk

Weekend weather forecast is looking beaut


Kristina Lachaga

To celebrate your completed Self Isolation in a Dress! Wish we could've seen you in NYC!


Elana Traurig

Well done Jase.


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Refund

Busch Gardens is an African themed theme park in Tampa Bay, Florida. I was meant to visit this park this week. Money from refund being used to educate girls in Africa.


Rockefeller Ice Rink Staff

Thank you to the staff member from The Rockefeller Ice Rink for your donation


Alan Chen

Hello Jase! I met you this weekend, first at the train station and later after the race. Congratulations on your efforts!


Light Rail Opening


Rhodes Parkrun


Mel C

Nice job at Parkrun today 👍🏻


Mark Lehane

Well done Jase. This is a great cause and you are making a real difference


Rhodes Parkrun



Saw Jase on the train sporting his dress, had to throw in a few dollars for his efforts.





Saw you at the Bay Run on 5/8. What a legend! All the best


Ice Skating Sydney Cbd



I’m in awe of you- how amazing


Transport Expo



Love what you're doing - so proud of you and happy to support! - Kristina



Love this! Good luck with raising the funds.

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