By Jessica Maher

I'm getting active to support girls' education with One Girl!

As many of you are aware, I am a teacher.  You may not be aware of the subtle, yet striking disadvantages women and girls face across the world in accessing education.  Even here in Australia the education system was set up based on a male learning style.  Even though we have co-education, girls are more likely to achieve higher results in an all girls setting, where as boys see more benefits in the co-ed setting.

Across the world, women are still seen as the inferior gender, and we are treated differently.  The cure to cancer, the answer to world piece, the invention of a flying car, all of these things might be locked in the mind of young girls who are in a society that does not value their minds enough to educate them.

I am fundraising to help those girls.  By donating, you are giving a girl a chance to be educated in a society that is not as welcoming of that idea as we are.  

I am going to attempt to run my first ever marathon and I need some added motivation, what better than the education of women to get me off the couch?