Run for education

By Maggie Garnett

I'm getting active to support girls' education with One Girl!

I'm getting active and raising money to support the awesome cause of girls' education and I'd love your help. Thank you!

on the 10th of October I will be running 50km in the Watagan mountains to raise funds for the education and empowerment  of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. The funds I raise will be directed towards sending girls and women to school, providing essential sanitary products and advocating against sexual and gender-based violence. 

I am choosing to run 50km to simulate In the most minute way, the pain and suffering experienced by many women across the globe. Think of what is like to walk for hours every day just to get to school, to have to use bark or newspaper when you have a period or to live in constant fear of violence. 

The causes that one girl is involved in are so important. Educating girls and women is so incredibly valuable for society. I ask you to join me  in solidarity with girls and women in supporting my fundraising journey. Please give as little or as much as you can. 


Maggie xx