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How to donate?

How to Donate?
Its easy!
Pick an amount you are willing to donate from the side of your screen or choose your own amount. Then enter you credit/debit card details. Or give me cash when I see you next and I will put in an offline donation
How much should I donate?
 As much you want weather its $5 to $500 it will all make an impact. My personal goal to help support one girl is $500 so all donations count! If you unsure on how much you should donate you can read the descriptions next to the donation amount on the side of your screen and pick which one you would like to support best.

HELP SUPPORT AN AMAZING GIRL (no i dont means me)

I'm sure you know I'm all about equality so I would like to ask you guys to donate to my fundraising page to help support a girl with her education. Lots of girls around the globe don't have asses to education, so by donating you can help support a girl to have a brighter future.