Dry July

By Dryberg Join Me

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gracebaum’s #1 Auntie




Well done mate!


James & Kat

I know this is difficult (especially for you!) I'm hoping you've eaten your way through this month instead :)


Loretta Dargan@hotmail.com


Jake Melksham

I’m pretty good at boxing not that good at footballs but at least I don’t play for essendumb anymore. Good no drinking Simo


Scott Coy

Great work Homba!


Luke Morgan

Robbie gray had no business kicking that from the boundary


Cemson Zhang

Good work Simon!


Lily Dorraj



Kav And Amz.

Nice work mate. Great cause.


Nishal Mistri

A worthy effort for a worthy cause


Russell O'brien



Great work Simon, fully support this mate!


James Keogh


Steven Blackburn

Go Phtimon!!!


Ross Stange

Well done Simon! Great cause!!



Have a sammich instead


Derek M

well done mate


Andrew Mcdowell

Own it


Bruce Minty

Great work big guy!


Chris Downer

Dry Berrrrrrrrrrg!!


Anthony B

Good on ya big fella


Luke Thomas

Insert message here...



Great cause and a great effort!


Peter Kokaliaris

I don't understand Simon


Alan And Diana Holmberg

Well done Simon good one



With you all the way x


Peter Fanning

Great effort Simon - this is a real sacrifice for you.



Good luck Simon, it is going to be a tough month for you.


Anthony P

Well done! I'm definitely not going dry this July.

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